Calvin Ridley calls Julio Jones an “amazing” coach


Falcons rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley is soaking up the knowledge from one of the best in the league in teammate Julio Jones.

Ridley told that Jones is like a coach on the field, with an “amazing” wealth of knowledge about the game.

“Everybody knows Julio is really, really good,” Ridley said. “But people don’t really know how good he is. He’s so detailed in the plays. He knows everything. He’s like a coach. He coaches me on everything. Even if I do it right, he’s still going to coach me: ‘You could do it better like this. You could lean on him. You could . . .’ So it’s like having another coach on the field.”

The Falcons took Ridley out of Alabama with the 26th overall pick in this year’s draft, seven years after they took Jones out of Alabama with the seventh overall pick in the draft. It may not be realistic to think Ridley will become the kind of player Jones has, but the Falcons would love to see him soak up everything Jones has to teach.

14 responses to “Calvin Ridley calls Julio Jones an “amazing” coach

  1. You can’t be the best in the league at your position if your not a smart cookie. When the ravens drafted Mosley. Ray Lewis told him the secret to be the best is to know the defense better then the coordinator.

  2. Coaches coach because they can’t play. The best players are usually awful coaches. So do we have a unicorn in Julio? Likely not as good a coach as Ridley thinks.

  3. So Jones, whose recent action (holdout) was probably influenced by TO, is now influencing the Falcons newest WR.
    So now TO is influencing Ridley by proxy. Expect another prima donna WR MR. Blank.

  4. I love all the negativity on here. It must eat you people up to be at your cubicle making telemarketing calls all day.

  5. Off-topic: Stefon Diggs (WR/Team Purple) with a 3-Year total 15 TDs gets $40M “Guaranteed”… come at me again, bro?

    OBJ, with a 3-Year total thirty-five (35) TDs gets #NoRe$pect from Big Blue. Just ain’t right, man SMH

  6. Can’t take much more of the training camp echo chamber, rah rah coaches speak. everyone lost 10 lbs are in the greatest shape ever, faster, smarter than last year, awesome, the best, greatest, Amazing, last seasons injury was a tremendous learning experience I’m glad it happened…….can we play already?

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