Joe Flacco flashes his receiving skills


Maybe Joe Flacco has a future as an elite, . . . wide receiver.

With the Ravens installing a few trick plays to put their starting quarterback and rookie Lamar Jackson on the field at the same time, Flacco has been asked to catch a few passes as well as throwing them (which he’s been good at this camp as well).

According to Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun, Flacco caught a pair of passes during Monday’s practice, including a one-handed grab that drew the loudest cheers of camp so far.

“I remember him coming out — a big guy, big arm,” Ravens offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. “But then once you dug into the film, holy smokes! He’s really a good athlete, especially for his size, and then he showed that throughout his career. I’m so jacked up because this is the first time he’s been healthy — in what, a couple years — in camp, and you can see it. You can see it both on the field, and you can see it on the film. So he’s healthy. That’s a good thing. His athleticism shows up just a little bit, even in practices.”

Perhaps with Flacco recovered from the knee and back problems that limited him the last two training camps, he’s prepared to make more of an impact. But if he does it as a receiver, it will be quite the surprise.

He does have two career receptions, including a 43-yarder as a rookie in 2008. His only other one was for an 8-yard loss in 2011, but his 17.5 yards per reception average might make him the Ravens most reliable deep threat.

11 responses to “Joe Flacco flashes his receiving skills

  1. “but his 17.5 yards per reception average might make him the Ravens most reliable deep threat.”

    Would love to know if this guy has been to training camp or knows about the Ravens Personnel

  2. And so the PR to shop Flacco begins. Don’t believe me? Few Raven readers believed my repeated warnings last summer that Flacco’s back was far worse than he & team claimed. Well, he’s a lot healthier now but def a placeholder for Lamar. Ravens have a cheap out of Flacco’s contract after 2019 anyway but prob hope they can ship him after 2018. They won’t miss his career 84.1 rating.

    Big mystery is: Flacco got big and long money in March 2016 despite a poor 2015, yet Ravens had the #6 pick in that April’s draft. Goff and Wentz both went before #6 but why not wait to see?

  3. He’s in the bottom half of QBs in the league. Baltimore won’t make the playoffs. But expect some exciting games trying to beat Cleveland and Cincinnati.

  4. And linebackers and safeties across the league are getting excited about flashing their skills and lighting Flacco up when he steps on the field and has to stretch for a pass just off target from Jackson. What could possibly go wrong?

  5. This is all well and good (Joe Flacco as a receiver) until he sustains an injury that puts him out of the line up.

    These trick plays are cute, but the return never seems to outweigh the investment. Don’t risk your starting QB for a potential 15 yard gain. He’ll take enough hits as the quarterback. If Lamar needs someone to throw to, put in a million dollar receiver who is paid to catch the football.

  6. It’s cute how a gadget that no one talked about ever is suddenly such a hot topic because some HoF QB didn’t make his catch in the Super Bowl. Next up, every draft analyst will evaluate QB prospects based on their their ability to “make all the throws, has soft supple catching hands”.

  7. Joke Flacco at WR huh!?!? Well…can’t be any worse than him posing as an NFL QB right?

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