Quenton Nelson not acting, practicing, moving, working or talking like a rookie


By all accounts, Quenton Nelson has not practiced like a rookie. The No. 6 overall pick, arguably the safest choice in the draft, has been everything the Colts expected.

“He’s as well-prepared for . . . transition to this level of any guy I’ve ever been associated with as a rookie,” Colts offensive line coach Dave Deguglielmo said, via Mike Wells of ESPN. “I don’t even look at him like a rookie, because physically he doesn’t play like a rookie; he doesn’t move like a rookie. He doesn’t work like a rookie; he doesn’t talk like a rookie. He’s a little bit naïve about some things.

“He’s naïve because some of the pressure and length of the season and stuff like that, but we’ll handle that. But right now he’s operating like he’s done this for years.”

After years of struggling to fix their offensive line, the Colts appear to have found at least one solution in Nelson. He could have the type of rookie season another former Notre Dame offensive lineman had in 2014 when Zack Martin made the Pro Bowl and earned All-Pro honors in his first year with the Cowboys.