Bears coordinator: Roquan Smith absence “not advantageous to anybody”


The Bears were hoping first-round pick Roquan Smith would be the centerpiece of a solid defense, one that brings back nine starters from last year.

But as the only unsigned pick, Smith isn’t able to participate yet, and some people are beginning to get salty about it.

“Obviously, it’s not advantageous to anybody that he’s not here, and I’ll just leave it at that,” defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “Talk to Ryan [Pace, the General Manager] and his salary-cap guys about that.”

So far, those guys haven’t been able to reach an agreement with Smith’s representatives, and the count is now at 16 days and 10 practices missed for the rookie, as they haggle over language in the deal which could void guarantees.

But that’s not Fangio’s problem, he just wants to coach a guy who could make them better.

“I think he has the potential to be a good player — a really good player,” Fangio said. “I would have loved to have him here the first day. But we’ll adapt and adjust and get him ready.”

Whenever that happens to be.

8 responses to “Bears coordinator: Roquan Smith absence “not advantageous to anybody”

  1. The Bears are being utterly ridiculous and GREEDY!!! Stop harassing your 1st round pick the the future leader of your defense, stop trying to go after his guaranteed money and just sign him in good faith like every other team has done with their 1st round picks…EVEN THE JETS AND BROWNS!!! The old Bears regime may have sucked at just about everything else football related but the one thing they always did right was get their entire draft class signed before just about any other team! Pace, look around you…how many other teams are waiting to still sign their 1st round pick…NONE. Just the Bears are being pricks about contract language. With the way he’s been treated so far by the organization what do you think the chances are of Roquan finishing out his 4 year rookie deal and bolting for a team that actually knows what the hell they are doing in free agency…smh!!!

  2. It would seem there is an idiot in charge of the Bears negotiations. Smith’s request is entirely reasonable, in fact, his Agent would be highly irresponsible to allow him to Sign under these conditions. And the fix is simple, obvious and reasonable…and yet…Isn’t there enough buffoonery in the White House to cover the idiot quotient without yet another idiot doing stupid stuff? Remove the clause and sign your Number 1 pick.Now.

  3. There’s been a lot of hate on Bears management on this. Just like most everything, both sides contribute to the problem and it’s very frustrating to Bears fans.
    Smith surely wants and should get his money and Bears need him in camp as much as Smith needs to be there. Both sides need to give a little. It seems Smith wants an exclusion to a rule designed to protect him and others. Bears have covered Travethon in the past on this. He needs to have some trust in management. (Haters won’t like that statement). Bears will need to give up something to get Smith to go along with that.

  4. Has there EVER been a top 10 pick who has turned out to be just so-so?
    (answer: every single year this happens)

    Might a team rather not have to pay that player his 4th year?
    This is an easy way to get around the CBA and cut the guy and not pay him.
    Many players get some sort of a fine over a 3 year period. Hands to the face, wrong color cleats, excessive celebration, etc.

    Why pick a fight with your first round picks? It will send a message that you don’t want to be drafted by this team.

  5. This is ridiculously stupid. Pay him. If he was worth that high of a pick, he’s worth giving the money. Stop being cheap. Every other team that had an issue with it pulled the language. And this kind of thing happens every year, followed up by the rookie trying to catch up too fast, pulling a hammy, then trying to play through and ruining their rookie year. Just. Pay. Him.

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