Terron Armstead hoping he’s found recipe to stay healthy for Saints

Getty Images

In five seasons in the NFL, New Orleans Saints left tackle Terron Armstead has yet to play an entire 16 game season.

The most games he’s ever played in a season was 14 in 2014. He appeared in just seven games in 2016 and 10 games last season as a variety of ailments have combined to keep him on the sidelines far more often that he would hope.

But according to Nick Underhill of the New Orleans Advocate, Armstead is optimistic he’s found a solution to his injury woes and hopes it will enable him to stay healthy and be more productive.

“I didn’t know why stuff kept happening,” Armstead said. “One injury was the result of others that would never heal. I dealt with that for two years. That kept happening.”

Armstead sought out many opinions hoping to figure out why he was continually getting injured. He dealt with injuries to his hip, knee and chest in recent seasons as the injuries piled up. The hip injury which Armstead called “jacked up” last year was the result of compensating for others injuries.

He went to Duke Manyweather’s offensive line camp and worked with a movement specialist, Patrick Brennan, that he found beneficial.

“You got one big system,” Armstead said “You got a kink in the system it’s not going to function properly. Just finding those kinks, knocking them out, keeping everything running smooth.”