Texans train without helmet logos, for no particular reason


At one point last season, Texans players considered removing the logos from their helmets before a game at Seattle to protest owner Bob McNair’s “inmates running the prison” remark. Now, there are no logos to remove.

As the Texans train in West Virginia at The Greenbrier, they’re wearing logo-free blue helmets. And there’s apparently no reason for it.

Asked to explain the importance of not wearing the logos on the helmets during camp by reporters on Tuesday, coach Bill O’Brien was stumped.

“The logos? On the helmet?” O’Brien said. “I don’t know. It’s just something we do.”

So is the purpose to underscore the importance of team?

“Not really,” O’Brien said. “I just don’t know if they’re ready yet at the print shop. So I’m not sure. Don’t read too much into stuff.”

And there you have it. Sometimes the reason from stripping the logos or stripes from a helmet is no reason at all. Unless it’s a reason that, for whatever reason, O’Brien would rather keep to himself. Either way, if you’re heading to watch the Texans practice, don’t expect to see the distinctive markings on the helmets that make them the Texans.

16 responses to “Texans train without helmet logos, for no particular reason

  1. This is an outrage. The team should not be allowed to do this without a major concession to the players through collective bargaining!

  2. Luckily for this non-story you aren’t the Patriots – league pointlessly told them off for practicing in un-numbered uniforms, so this would somehow be deemed yet another crime of the century. Then again, O’Brien came from the Pats, so clearly this is some fiendish plan, but I’ll leave it to Texan-haters or Pats-haters to point it out to me.

  3. So how does that work if the players wanted to remove the logos from their helmets? Do they all bring the scrapers and blades in from home and sit in a circle and scrap away in protest! Do they have to have someone with really long finger nails so they can pick at them and get is started. Seems like more like hey ! we are protesting, could you have the team take of my logo. Thanks man your the best.

  4. You must not get out much. NO Saints have never had helmet logos until after their first preseason game. You sound new to the league or do you just sit in your office popping off?

  5. Good. McNair OWNS the and can do whatever he wants…and he does NOT have to get permission from the players beforehand.
    Since when do employees tell the employer what, when, how to do things?
    THIS is why our country is so screwed up.
    Should children tell their parents what to do? No.
    Should a private tell a general what to do? Absolutely not.
    Players are privates and McNair is a 5-star General.

  6. “So is the purpose to underscore the importance of team?”

    — Lol, yep, I’m sure that’s the reason. Probably did it just to get the media’s speculation train rolling.

  7. On a side note about the logo….it’s a fantastic design but totally lost on a dark blue helmet. When the team was a expansion team in 2002 the TEXANS planed on using a white helmet which would have made it look great. Texans at the last moment thought too many white helmets in their divison (Colts & Titans) might cause some problems for the QB reads. So…they went with a dark helmet. At some point I hope they go to a white or silver helmet.

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