John Mara on Beckham contract: “We’ll talk as long as it takes”


Odell Beckham Jr. is doing his part, showing up for camp as he’s ready for a new deal.

But Giants co-owner John Mara wouldn’t commit to having a deal ready by the start of the regular season, putting the onus on the agent for the star wide receiver.

Asked during an appearance on WFAN if he thought the deal would be finalized before the start of the regular season, Mara replied: “Depends on how reasonable they want to be.”

“I don’t have a feel yet for how long this [negotiation] is gonna take,” he said. “I don’t think we have any deadline imposed on that. We’ll talk as long as it takes.”

Mara said last week the Giants were ready to talk, so it doesn’t seem as if great progress has been made since then. He did add that they would “like to get him signed obviously” before the regular season starts, “but it’s got to be something that makes sense for both of us.”

Beckham hasn’t talked to Giants beat reporters since before he broke his ankle last October (there was one brief interview prior to the Super Bowl), so it’s not immediately clear how he feels about the process.

But it’s hard to imagine he’s interested in getting anywhere near a regular season field without that new deal, so there’s obviously some time constraint on the talks.

3 responses to “John Mara on Beckham contract: “We’ll talk as long as it takes”

  1. Well since contracts always go up every year…and Antonio Brown makes $17 million per year…Beckham’s contract talks have a floor of $18 million per year…He’s proven he’s every bit as good if not better than Brown…Especially since Brown has Big Ben throwing to him while Beckham has Eli…who has regressed tremendously over the past few years…C’mon media…it’s time to call out these slimy owners on clutching their slimy pearls when it comes to the game’s elite players!

  2. Why is it so hard to imagine? 9 million is a lot of money. Sure, he wouldnt be guaranteed anything after another injury, but if he want’s to be “the higest paid player in football” then maybe the best was to do that is to hit the open market and have teams get into a bidding war like Leveon will get after this season. I don’t think the Giant’s will want to let his 6.7 catches, 94 yards, and .8 tds per game go, but maybe that’s his leverage… the posibility of losing him if they arent willing to pay more for that type of unheard of production than 31 other teams. They should give him what he`s worth and he should realize there`s no better franchise out there and take it. Once a Giant, always a Giant.

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