Madden 18 scrubbed Kaepernick from song lyrics, too

EA Sports

Colin Kaepernick’s likeness was in last year’s Madden game. However, like Madden 19, Madden 18 also scrubbed his name from a song lyric.

The soundtrack for the version of game released in August 2017 included Bars of Soap from Mike WiLL Made-It. The song includes this line: “She be hopin’ that I take a knee like Kaepernick, yes.” EA removed the words “like Kaepernick” from the Madden version of the song.

The omission apparently went unnoticed for months; a Twitter user responded to the PFT story on the Madden 19 omission with a link to the audio from Madden 18. PFT separately confirmed that the Madden 18 soundtrack does indeed remove “like Kaepernick” from the song.

The fact that Kaepernick’s name was removed from the game a year ago, while he was still actively seeking NFL employment and hadn’t filed a collusion grievance against the NFL, could actually strengthen his legal claim. The NFL exclusively licenses EA to produce and market a video game with league and team logos and trademarks. It’s an official piece of NFL merchandise. The fact that the game omitted his name even before the anthem issue became a next-level news story in September 2017 with the President’s comments at a rally in Alabama and, a month later, Kaepernick filed a collusion grievance tends to show that the league had a clear bias against him.

Which becomes possible evidence that the league acted on that bias by advising teams not to offer him employment. Which becomes collusion when the league sends a consistent message to the various teams, and they act upon it.

28 responses to “Madden 18 scrubbed Kaepernick from song lyrics, too

  1. There is no collusion. There doesn’t need to be any collusion for Colin Kaepernick to be unemployed. Every single NFL owner knows what will happen if their team signs this anti-American commie – fans will stop watching the NFL on TV, stop going to games, and stop buying merchandise.

  2. You are reaching. He was in the game last year, so no one told them to pull any references of him out. Also highly doubt the NFL asks EA what songs they are going to include in the game.

  3. cardinealsfan20 says:

    August 2, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Goodness, this AGAIN? So sick of Kap and the bigoted kneelers. Trump is right, either you’re an American and stand for our National Anthem or you leave. I love MY president. I’m still angry the SJW’s took away Chief Wahoo from my Cleveland Indians!


    Voice of reason above!

  4. So, the NFLPA (as official license to Madden) colluded with EA Sports to exclude Kaepernick as well??!?

    Interesting to see how Florio will explain that…

  5. I asked earlier (it was deleted by PFT staff at the time) if they are going to still post 2 whiny articles about Kaep once the season starts; I guess I have to be more specific now: Once the season starts will you guys shill for Kaep against the league AND EA Sports after September 6? This upcoming season is his 2nd full season OUT OF THE LEAGUE…I am now waiting for a bunch of SJWs to march outside of EA Sports corporate HQ with BLM signs demanding reparations because they bleeped his name out…the mental gymnastics you people go through to find today’s faux outrage is insanity…

  6. It’s lyrics to a song on a video game…Should the world be outraged? Get a grip.

  7. Eh, EA is not going to name check a guy for free and probably can’t under the governing CBA or licensing agreements. Didn’t they have to replace Belichick with a generic NE coach because he is not in the NFL coaching association and wouldn’t license it? If Kaepernick wants back in the game he should get a new girlfriend who doesn’t call NFL owners slave masters every time one tries to sign him.

  8. The smell of desperation is thick. Now the video game people are colluding with…..who? The league? The NFLPA? The owners? Or is everyone colluding with everybody, but just well enough that Geragos can’t find a thing to present.

    That smell is the poor dead horse that’s been beaten now for the last 2 yrs. Leave the poor thing alone.

  9. Haven’t bought the game in the last couple of years, so maybe I’ll get it this year.

  10. Leftists cannot stand the idea that less and less people are listening to their nonsense. I think the experiment is over. The movement is going to be dealt a crushing blow in November. A large majority of the people are sick of all the whining and protesting. Let it go already. You tried forcing the utopian dream on everyone and only a few percent were gullible and stupid enough to believe in it. It is over. Try again in another 40 years.

  11. Here’s a crazy thought… Maybe EA removed his name because:

    #1. He isn’t in the NFL anymore and they are tired of news articles about an irrelevant ex-NFL player that had one good season 100 years ago. If he had talent(or more than one lucky season) he would still be in the league even if he was kneeling.

    #2. Him and his girlfriend like to file lawsuits and/or grievances against everybody they possibly can and EA is worried that if they leave the name Kaepernick in the song he will sue them for royalties on every game sold. He has always cared about money more than anything.

    If I was EA execs I wouldn’t leave his name in the song either. Why take the chance on getting sued when Kaepernick has nothing to do with the NFL anymore and will never play in the league again? I am sure that’s what their lawyers recommended as well.

  12. Is it possible that it was originally on Madden 18, but they changed the song during a game update in the last few months or so? Unless someone has a game copy that has never been through an online update, I don’t know that it is a given that this was dropped previously.

    It is also possible that they dropped it not because of Kapernick being mentioned, but because of him being mentioned alongside kneeling.

  13. Of course the reason couldn’t possibly be related to any customer feedback to EA, or that a message stands on it’s own and doesn’t need a face, or the thousands of other explanations.

  14. Perhaps EA fully understands that NFL Football fans / video game consumers are sick and tired of the whole SJW platform.
    And decided, on their own, it was more preferable to not alienate their customers further by mentioning someone most people can’t stand.

    Or, let me guess, this successful company shouldn’t be allowed to make sound business decisions if it flies in the face of somebody’s social agenda.

    I know, let’s just all assume it’s something far more sinister and that a cabal of puppet masters are working behind the scenes to rob our very souls.
    I can’t wait until real tackle football begins again, then we can talk about actual football topics.

  15. All the songs in the world and EA picks 2 with Kaepernick’s name in them, just to take his name out? Either that’s the dumbest luck ever or someone was trying to make a point.

  16. Collusion is against the law, but it is civil, not criminal. BUT, the NFL is legall allowed to collude because it has an anti-Trust exemption, but it can’t collude against members the collective bargaining agreement, eg Kapernick.

    Colluding with Russians is not a crime, unless you collide to commit a crime. Colluding with Putin to obtain legally held information would not be criminal

  17. @wafflestomp, that makes absolutely zero sense. Are you implying the only fans that matter are the few that disapprove (might be a majority in YOUR circle but not overall) of Kaepernick and what’s being addressed? Or are you saying that you purposely are ignoring what’s really being discussed?
    Also, ea came out and apologies because more than just you and your few care. But let me guess it’s only important if you agree? You PIW’s irritate me. You care more about your game set than anything else

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