New Jersey to soon have mobile betting

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A sports book already has popped up near MetLife Stadium. Soon, the sports book will be inside MetLife Stadium.

Via, the state that took on all major sports leagues and won in the Supreme Court will soon give folks a chance to win (and lose) money by betting via their phones. DraftKings announced on Wednesday that the company will be accepting registration for a mobile sports betting app in New Jersey. The process starts with an invitation-only trial period, which is the last step toward obtaining approval to launch a mobile sports book in New Jersey.

“I think the opportunity for innovation is just massive,” DraftKings CEO Jason Robins told “Not to say that you can’t innovate on the retail side, but it’s quite literally a limited space. Mobile, you can do anything with. There is no limit to where I think this is going to go, with integrations of streaming. . . . I think eventually it integrates with voice assistance in the home, smart TVs. The opportunities really are endless as technology advances.”

He’s right, and the key to the explosion of sports wagering isn’t the legalization of betting in more states but the proliferation of mobile wagering in the states that have it. And in the states that have NFL teams, it means that fans will soon be doing from their seats the very thing that the NFL fought for so long to keep them from legally doing anywhere.

For now, Giants and Jets fans will be able to kill some time from within their seats by spending some money that otherwise could be devoted to overpriced food, beer, and souvenirs.