Norv Turner sees 25-30 touches per game as “realistic” for Christian McCaffrey

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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey apparently will be catching a lot of passes this year.

Coach Ron Rivera has said that he can envision the second-year top-10 pick getting 200 rushing attempts this season. On Thursday, offensive coordinator Norv Turner said that it’s realistic to see McCaffrey averaging 25-30 touches per game.

If he gets 25 touches per game, that’s 400 for the season. Which means that he’ll need to catch 200 passes.

The single-season record for receptions is 143.

McCaffrey had 117 rushes and 80 catches in 2017, a total of 197 touches. While it’s hard to imagine the workload doubling, the team needs to use McCaffrey more than it has to justify the fact that he was taken with the eighth overall selection. Part-time running backs would have been available later in the draft, allowing the Panthers to focus on getting a full-time impact player with its first-round pick.

For example, cornerback Marshon Lattimore was on the board at the time; he ended up being taken three spots later by the Saints. That’s not to say it was a mistake to take McCaffrey. However, it would be a mistake to have that much faith in him on draft day but not use him extensively on game days.

10 responses to “Norv Turner sees 25-30 touches per game as “realistic” for Christian McCaffrey

  1. This was Dave Gettleman’s last mistake for the Panthers. There were so many other options that would have been better for them. There is noway on God’s green earth that he’s gonna get 25-30 touches. That statement makes me worry about Turner’s grip on today’s game.

    McCaffrey is generously 200 lbs. He’s not a workhorse. Anderson may actually get more touches in the long run. The kid is OK, but he’s not what Panther fans expected. He’s a specialist at best. Not your typical #8 pick.

  2. Good ol’ Norv, run those backs into the ground. He is also going to get Cam killed waiting for all those deep routes to develop.

  3. I said it when he was drafted I’ll say it again. McCaffrey is a younger Darren Sproles… that Carolina drafted eighth overall

  4. I hate to say it as a Panthers fan, but the NFL game has simply passed Norv by. His effectiveness as an OC has waned considerably. Most recently, he stubbornly and repeatedly plowed Adrian Peterson into stacked fronts behind an overmatched o-line. Hope I’m wrong, but this won’t end well.

  5. so much hate for CMC…or are most of you noobs to foozball? 1) CMC being white already discredits him, discrimination is ok…he’s white. 2) he was a workhorse at Stanford, again, noobs to foozball? He was not only the #1 RB, he was their #1 punt returner, top receiver…and wasn’t a workhorse? 3) he broke the “unbreakable” all time record set by arguably the best college player ever in Barry Sanders. If he was black he would have won the heisman by perhaps the largest margin ever, those who don’t think so are lying to themselves. 4) when he ran at Stanford it was mostly between the tackles and CMC had beter stats between the tackles that Stewart. 5) who cares, most of you don’t get it, and never will. If Mccaffrey was with say a Tom Brady, he would have won the ROY by probably the largest margin ever, instead he’s stuck with Kaepernicks twin Cam.

  6. Mr. Knowitall, you had me agreeing with most of what you said until the last sentence. “Rookie of the Year?!” Over Alvin Kamara who beat him in every single metric while lighting the league up. They are both all purpose running backs who catch passes and share rushing duties so it’s a fair comparison. Let’s see:

    Rush att/yds/avg/TDs: Kamara-120/728/6.1/8 McCaffery- 117/436/3.7/2… so, despite only 3 more carries Kamara rushed for nearly 300 yards (292 to be exact) more at 2.4 yards per carry more and QUADRUPLED McCaffery’s rush TD’s.

    Receiving: targets/Catches/yds/avg/TD Kamara- 100/81/826/10.2/5 McCaffery: 113/80/651/8.1/5 Well, this one is a lot closer…only one more catch from Kamara (and with fewer targets although I’ll admit a lot of that is due to Brees’ surgical precision with the ball and depth of target) but 2 more yards per reception and close to 200 yds more through the air…they did both get 5 reception TDs

    So, that should leave little to no doubt who had the better rookie season. Hunt and Fournette did as well, but in all fairness they are more traditional backs (same with Dalvin Cook but he only played 4 games). I like McCaffery and will take him in fantasy late rd 2-early rd 3 in PPR this year, but saying he would have won ROY by any margin is hyperbolic bordering on delusional.

  7. Panther fans better hope McCaffrey is the real dead. Combine their terrible O-line, average QB whose only talent is running the ball and rarely getting hurt, and stuck in the 90s Norv Turner and this year has the making of another even number year where the Panthers suck.

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