Ravens penalized twice for illegal helmet hits

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In late May, Ravens coach John Harbaugh predicted that the new helmet rules would affect only five percent of the league’s coaches. He didn’t mentioned he’d be one of them.

The Ravens already have been penalized twice for violating the new rule that prohibits lowering the helmet and initiating contact, and as of this posting there’s still plenty of time to play in the annual Hall of Fame game.

The helmet rule is going to be a great rule,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said at the time. “That’s a direction that we coach — we already coach that way to get it out of the game. I think 95 percent of the coaches in this league coach that way, and the other five percent have to get on board. The helmet is a protective device; it’s not a weapon.”

In Harbaugh’s defense, there’s no reason to think he coaches his players to lower their helmets and initiate contact. But it’s obvious that he’ll need to do more work to coach them not to.

33 responses to “Ravens penalized twice for illegal helmet hits

  1. This is going to be an awful season if this new rule is adding multiple penalties, stoppages, suspensions per game..

    How does this Commissioner dodge the media’s scrutiny??

  2. The refs will call it extremely tight in the preseason. I predict when the regular season comes they’ll act like the Paralympic doesn’t exist. Hand foul of penalties all season. NFL will act like they actually changed something.

  3. If it wasnt for fantasy football and gambling this sport would be in big trouble. If this is any reflection on how these games are going to be officiated it’s going to be a long year.

  4. Game moves too fast. Nonsense rule intended to pad league against lawsuits from former players looking for one last payday. Nothing more. Football is dying.

  5. I’m a bears fan, and those calls were horrible.

    It’s absolutely amazing that Goodell can bring down a league in spite of fantasy football and legalized gambling. That’s actually talent to suck that much as a man

  6. Well that backfired Harbaugh. Apparently your players (per the new rule) are using their helmets as “weapons”.

  7. Cmon Mike, Im not a Harbaugh fan at all. this is on the league. And you know it. Give us a break. Who knows how these calls are gonna go? Piss poor planning on the NFL ‘s part.

  8. The second of these 2 penalties was total crap….if this is what they are gonna call unnecessary roughness it will be tough to stay interested. I am totally on board for the the helmet to helmet rules, but this is not even close to an illegal hit

  9. As a coach, you can teach all the right things, but it’s on the players to execute.

  10. Quick! Please continue to complain that the NFL doesn’t do enough to protect players, and then continuously criticize them when they try. If you try pandering to liberals, this is what you get. You’ll never make them happy and there’s always something for them to complain about.

    Look what happened with all the other professional leagues. They shut down kneeling up front while NFL allowed it. Now NFL are the “slave masters” and the other leagues get by without incident.

    Moral of the story: never try appeasing liberals. It’s a toilet bowl you’ll never be able to get out of.

  11. This rule is going to go over about as well as a donald trump policy plan. Certainly seems to have the same amount of time put into shaping it.

  12. 86 the rule. Football is a collision sport. I understand the game is changed to make it more safe, but when is enough enough? Let’s see the rest of the preseason play out before any rash judgements.

  13. I want everyone to be safe and healthy. When you sign up for football, you know exactly what you getting into to. Why is this the only sport that keeps comprising it’s integrity? The NFL is deconditioning is athletes and expecting the same performance…. soldiers don’t expect to go into there profession, thinking they are not ready… if it’s that bad in the NFL, stop playing

  14. Just make the players sign a waiver and if if they don’t want to do it there’s always somebody who will!

  15. Wow, everyone needs to chill out. This was the first game of the preseason It is also practice for the refs, you know? The first game they had this rule in live play.

    The league will go back and watch the penalties and if they think the calls were too tight or called wrong they will discuss further with the refs and try to get better at it.

    I’m not saying everything is going to be great, but just like if a player plays like crap in the preseason, everyone says “its only preseason”, wouldn’t the same thing apply to the refs and new rule? Give it some time.

  16. Stay off Fox News. It’s rotting your brain. Worse than repeated helmet hits.

  17. Stupid rule. Everyone knows it. The refs are in a no win situation. Football is a dangerous sport. Deal with it or just shut it down but this rule is ridiculous.

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