John Harbaugh mum on application of new helmet rule


In May, Ravens coach John Harbaugh called the new helmet rule a “great rule.” He didn’t use that phrase in the aftermath of Thursday night’s game.

After officials slapped his players with a pair of flags for lowering their helmets and initiating contact with them, Harbaugh had little to say about the situation.

I probably didn’t see them as well as you guys did, so I would just have to wait to see the TV copies and see what they look like,” Harbaugh told reporter after the game. “So I really don’t have any comment on it. I really don’t know. If I knew I’d give you an opinion on it, but I don’t know enough about the rule to understand it right now and comment on it.”

So how can Harbaugh go from thinking it’s a “great rule” to not knowing enough about the rule to comment on it? Harbaugh likely senses that these helmet rules (yes, there are two of them) are going to change the game much more significantly than he previously was led to believe, with the weaponization of the helmet only being part of what the NFL hopes to avoid. The league by all appearances wants to complete remove the helmet from the fray, which means many more flags and fines that coaches like Harbaugh anticipated back in May.

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  1. This rule is a byproduct of the constant lawsuits by former players and the repeated criticism by liberals that the NFL “doesn’t do enough to protect their players”. If anyone on this site was questioning why fans were so against all those lawsuits and against the players, it’s because of this. Many of us could see the future and always knew that those lawsuits would eventually destroy the sport that we loved because the NFL now has to do things that will “prove” they are taking player safety seriously… Even if it’s a dumb rule like this and eliminating the kick off. This is all being done so they can make an argument in court down the road to defend themselves against future frivolous lawsuits. No writer on this site has a right to complain about these rules. They are a direct result of the consequences of all the anti-nfl/ pro retired player lawsuits that have been going on over the past 5 years.

    This site can’t spend the past 5 years writing articles about the NFL not doing enough to protect their players and they celebrate knock out hits, and then criticize them for trying to “fix” those things you complained about. This is why you should never try to appease a liberal… Because you’ll never be able to win

  2. Whenever things don’t go Whinebaugh’s way, he does what he does best, whine.

  3. “I don’t know enough about the rule to understand it right now”.

    LOL!!!! Too easy. I won’t even bother to make any further comment.


  4. See, now THIS is where John Harbaugh’s comments from after the Patriots-Ravens 2014 AFC championship game could have applied: “It’s not something that anybody has ever done before…”

  5. Leave politics out of your comment & I would listen better to what you have to say….. you sound like a typical HARBAWLER on here crying

  6. I watched the first helmet flag last night on a perfectly executed safe tackle. I decided on the spot this was the year of no NFL. Horrible, unwatchable, painful.

    Good riddance to me.

  7. Not as complicated or dreadful as PFT thinks. There are three kinds of tackles:
    (1) Perfect form tackle with no helmet involved;
    (2) Dirty spearing tackle; and
    (3) Poor form tackle where crown of helmet makes contact.

    Tackle (1) has always been and will always be legal.
    Tackle (2) became illegal in 2016 after the Shazier spearing hit in the playoffs.
    Tackle (3) is now illegal after the Shazier tackle that led to his injuries.

  8. I swear they are trying to turn the NFL into a flag football league. I understand the need to protect players, but games are going to take 4 hours this season with the penalties, reviews, etc..

  9. If ya can’t even hit heads then it’s no longer going to work as a spectator sport. What next, no cutting other cars off in Indy? No elbowing in cycling? No close shaves in baseball? Yikes!

  10. Of the three times it was called last night only one came anywhere close to being worthy of a penalty. One was a textbook, every play tackle by a safety and the first time it was flagged there was essentially no contact but rather just the guy diving in to the make the tackle. They’re going to have lots of issues like that because diving in your head is naturally leading the rest of your body so the crucial question becomes “did he actually hit anything with his helmet?” And if they flag every single time there is glancing contact there’ll be multiple flags on every single play.

  11. Will lead to much confusion on the field and how the fans see the call. NFL needs to get rid of these very difficult rules to implement between officiating crews.

  12. abrasion says:
    August 3, 2018 at 7:41 am
    Name a more iconic duo than Harbaugh and not understanding rules.

    Tomlin and wasting timeouts
    Tomlin and living in his fears

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