Johnny Manziel’s first half of CFL action is a complete disaster


Johnny Manziel is in the midst of his first start in the Canadian Football League. It is not going well.

Manziel has thrown four interceptions in the first half, and his Montreal Alouettes are trailing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38-3.

Although Manziel has shown some of the good mobility and capable arm that made him a star at Texas A&M, he has also made a couple of truly boneheaded throws, the kinds of throws that no quarterback at any level of football should make. Yes, Manziel hasn’t had much time to learn Montreal’s playbook, having recently been traded to Montreal from Hamilton, but even if he doesn’t know all the plays, he should know not to throw the ball directly into an opposing player’s hands.

Manziel is committed to the CFL for two years, and one half of football is far too soon to make any real judgments about what kind of player he’s going to be. But this has been an ugly half of football.

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  1. I’ve been watching this game. He’s been forcing dumb stuff, but it’s VERY clear that he is surrounded by complete garbage. The Alouettes might as well be drunken coed softball guys.

  2. 4 interceptions and one of them isn’t his fault. Welcome to the cfl Johnny “crash and burn” manziel.

  3. not all on him by any means. he’s done some good things and then done some dumb things within the same play. its his 1st start and you know he was all jacked up to do great things…the 2nd half he will play better

  4. Mama said there’d be days like this.

    By no means am I a Manziel fan, but I’ll always root for a troubled soul to pull itself together.

  5. That first half is a combination of two factors. Montreal is the worst team in the CFL, by far. The supporting cast is brutal for Manziel. With that said, he will find the overall talent level on the defenses is a lot better than given credit for. The CFL doesn’t have the talent of the NFL, but is still good football.

  6. Lifetime Browns fan here……don’t wish him ill but sure don’t wish him well, either. Don’t feel sorry for him in the least. He brought on himself whatever comes his way.

  7. “uglydingo says:
    August 3, 2018 at 9:01 pm
    Maybe Mike Evans helped him look good at Texas A & M.”

    And three offensive linemen taken in the first round – Jake Matthews, Germain Ifedi, Cedric Ogbuehi

  8. Look at it this way….the rest of his season can’t go anywhere from up after this game.

  9. Seriously though, the game takes time to learn. You don’t become a great QB like a Bo-Levi Mitchell. a Mike Reilly, Trevor Harris, Jeremiah Masoli overnight.

  10. I never thought Manziel was a NFL QB and I wouldn’t him to excel away in the CFL. It is a very different passing game and you play the field completely different. There is an extra DB and the pockets to throw in are very different.

    It always going to take him some time to do anything at all this year if ever.

  11. Listen I don’t think he is an NFL caliber QB, but I am rooting for him. One half of FB…Manning sucked his first year. Let him adjust. You go Johnny.

  12. Manziel basically lied on his resume to get a job and they put him right to work with no training now hes googling how to edit excel spreadsheets panicking

  13. Johnny has done it to himself. Instead of the NFL he’s up in Canada playing on a team with no talent. This is what drinking, drugging, and treating people with disrespect gets you.

  14. Not all on him this game he was forcing things to make something happen two ints weren’t his fault

  15. Saw the one int that bounced off his RB’s hands. Looked like a playmaker avoiding sacks and keeping the play alive. Welcome to the CFL. He’ll be ok.

  16. The team he’s playing against was the team that he couldn’t win the starting job on which is why he got traded.

    Montreal is a terrible team but Johnny earned his starting spot there by being terrible enough that the team that “drafted” him had no problem getting rid of him so he wasn’t good on a better team either. This game is making those terrible games he played against the Bengals both his years in the NFL look like MVP level play.

  17. I know a lot of people will be bashing Johnny Manzeil because of his first half performance. But he’s only had 3-4 practices with the Montreal Alouettes. Plus the Alouettes are by far the worst team in the CFL. After tonight they will have lost 17 of their last 18 games.

    Johnny Manziel would have been a lot better off not being traded from the Hamilton Ti-Cats. I don’t see it getting a whole lot better moving forward in Montreal.

  18. Where are all the people who always compare him to the other QB who is out of the league and try to pretend he was ever a serviceable NFL QB? Or that his off the field arrests for violent behavior are in anyway comparable to what really amounts to a bad marketing risk.

  19. I feel bad for Manziel, Montreal is virtually the Browns of the CFL. They have absolutely no talent on that team and a Head Coach (Mike Sherman) that’s a horrendous fit for the Canadian game. They only traded for him so they could make more money and threw him to the wolves before he was ready.

    In doing so, they burned their bridges with Vernon Adams and likely seriously damaged Manziel’s confidence. Hope the extra bucks was worth it for the Alouettes.

  20. I guarantee you thought he was too good for that league until tonight. I expect things to be better for him soon. Let’s watch and let it play out.

  21. He hasn’t played competitive football since 2015. He’s not a miracle worker. He can’t resurrect a bad team. Plus his old team is pretty good.

  22. Totally different game from the NFL. Anyone who trashes Manziel’s performance is simply uneducated on the huge difference between the CFL and NFL. I might add, Montreal receivers did not have a clue how to adapt to what Manziel does best, Adapt, overcome, and achieve.

    Montreal should grab some-sand lot football players off the street in West Montreal and dress them for their game next week in Winnipeg.

  23. Manziel looks about like a guy who just got off his couch and decided to go play pro football.

    Yes Montreal has been bad all season, but not nearly this bad

  24. Sure glad he isn’t with my Browns anymore. This guy screwed himself by leaving college too early and then partying in Cleveland rather than learn how to play QB as a pro. I’m very happy that he’s somebody else’s problem now.

  25. One int wasn’t his fault in the same way that nate peterman wasn’t at fault for all 5 against San Diego.

    And since when do you need to read a play book to tell you not to throw the ball 5 yards over the wr head

  26. The man has used a lot of drugs in his lifetime, he probably still p recognizes the Hamilton colors better at this point in his progression.

  27. Too far in to be hearing that every bad game was somebody else’s fault. At some point it becomes clear he just isn’t good enough.

  28. 4 days to practice with new team was a set up for disaster. I personally am pulling for him to turn it around and make it back to the NFL.

  29. Four interceptions in the first half? He should receive an offer from the Bills any second now.

  30. All I can say is I told everyone he would not be a good NFL QB and now he isn’t even a good CFL QB.
    So much for his arrogant attitude, huh? He has been totally humbled and I think it’s wonderful.

  31. Putting Manziel in with a minimum of practice, was a terrible idea and so predictable.
    Of course, all the haters got their jollies.
    Some passes showed rustiness while, at least a couple, bounced off the receivers hands.

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