Mike Zimmer: Anthony Barr “unequivocally” won’t be traded

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It’s unclear if the Vikings will give linebacker Anthony Barr a contract extension that keeps him in Minnesota beyond the 2018 season, but coach Mike Zimmer said on Friday that the team won’t be sending him somewhere else before the final year of his current deal is up.

During a Friday media session, Zimmer referred to a report that the team was looking to trade Barr. We were previously unaware of any report or speculation to that effect and Zimmer threw cold water on the notion.

Zimmer said, via Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that Barr is “unequivocally not being traded.” Zimmer added that the linebacker has missed practice time this week due to a “tweak,” but is expected to practice on Friday.

Barr is set to make $12.3 million this year after the Vikings exercised their option for a fifth year on his contract. The team has extended defensive end Danielle Hunter and wide receiver Stefon Diggs recently, which leaves Barr and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson as notable impending free agents in Minnesota.

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  1. I’m a Vikes fan and I really hope we don’t break the bank on Barr. I mean, he’s good and freakishly athletic, but his production doesn’t warrant being overpaid. Again, he’s productive but not to the tune of an absurdly expensive contract.

  2. Barr needs to step up, have a great year, and keep his trap shut. Then he’ll get the kind of deal he wants…

  3. If the Vikings defense is thin anywhere, it is at LB. A lot of unproven guys , and with Brothers suspension, I doubt they have plans to trade him. Starting 3 are solid, after that, who knows?

  4. If Zimmer said that Barr WOULD be traded, the value of Barr drops immediately. If barr demands a trade, the same result would happen.
    So Zimmer is smart to saying this publicly.

  5. You can’t put Richardson in this story. Yes, he is a FA next year. Why? Because he signed a 1 year prove it deal with the Vikings to see if he can get a pay day next year. It’s not exactly the same situation as Barr is in…..or what Diggs, Hunter, etc. were in.

  6. They’re not trading Barr. C’Mon!! He’s a stude. He’ll probably get his big contract next offseason. They redid 3-4 guys last year, 3-4 guys this year, Barr will get his next year or they’ll tag him. Barr does an excellent job handling running backs out of the backfield and does well with tight ends. He’s a pretty good player.

  7. Vikings are offering 4-3 LB money, Barr wants 3-4 OLB money, hence Zimmer letting him practice partially with the DL, but he’ll play this year on his 5th year option of $12m and move on. If the Vikings see something in one of their younger LBs I wouldn’t be surprised if they do trade Barr for OL or S. Earl Thomas would be interesting. All they have to do is replace 77 tackles and 1 sack….yawn, not that hard.

  8. Not claiming to be an expert on Barr but I was under the impression that he’s a linebacker who doesn’t get sacks or interceptions which means he’s valued by GMs behind pass rushing DL and DBs who make plays on the ball, putting him in the last tier of importance with run stopping safeties.

    Still he did end the Packers season last yea which might count for something.

    No surprise at all to see the Vikings throw a pile of money at the DE Hunter instead

  9. Unlike most teams, the Vikings PLAN years in advance. That’s why they have the money to keep their core players.

    If Barr and the Vikings cannot agree on his value, he can leave at the end of the season — after they have prepared for his departure.

    See Cordarralle Paterson or Adrian Peterson for examples of this policy in practice.

  10. sounds like the media is just trying to create stories where they don’t exist. the vikings don’t have a lot of linebackers. they’d be crazy to trade Barr.

  11. Whoever made up that “report” that Barr could be traded is full of it. Barr is a huge part of this year’s defense and they don’t have a replacement for him. Next year? That probably depends on how this year goes. I don’t see them franchising him because the tag for LBs is very high.

    Perhaps Zimmer is so unequivocal about not trading Barr because he knows they’re close to a contract agreement. These things usually come out of nowhere.

  12. I like that Zimmer got out in front of this issue so quickly and doubt Barr will be traded, but there have been denials like this before from the Vikes prior to a trade(See: Harvin, Percy).

  13. Making good money this year. Have a great season and the contract will be there. Rob B. will find the money. Pretty simple.

  14. GenXJ says:
    Why would Barr be traded? He’s an excellent tackler. Just ask aaron

    Isn’t he supposed to only tackle the person with the ball?

  15. Vikings are the best team in the history of all sports! Barr is better than any other four NFL players combined. Zimmer could negotiate lasting peace in the Middle East if he wasn’t so busy trying to figure out how to avoid cutting his scrubs to get down to the roster limit. He knows everyone he cuts would be a starter on any other team. You may as well just give us our 71st division title right now! SKOL

  16. Barr is a physical freak for a LB. Played RB in college for a couple years! At 6’5″!!
    Vikes will make room if they want him playing in 2019 and beyond. Plenty of vets will be gone after this year as well (Newman, Robison, Sherels, Remmers, maybe Sendejo too. That will free up some money for talented guys like Barr.

  17. Still he did end the Packers season last yea which might count for something.

    The Vikings lost their first round starting quarterback early in the same season.

    It didn’t ruin their season.

    The Packers lost their season because of their “eggs in one basket” philosophy.

    Don’t blame Barr. Blame cheesehead management.

  18. That’s usually the kiss of death, just like when a team claims its coach is not in jeopardy of losing his job, it’s a guarantee that is exactly what’s going to happen. We don’t know what is being played out behind closed doors, maybe Barr wants a trade and a chance to play in a Superbowl, something that was served up on a silver platter last year except the Vikings, favored on the road, couldn’t beat out a second string QB with a trip to the Superbowl on the line.

  19. You don’t know what you got til it’s gone, this goes for all those Vikings fans wishing don’t pay him, this come from a Raider fan watching painful lb’s players last 10 years.

  20. Barr has game changing size, speed, and versatility. He does many different things that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. The Vikings were historically good with defensive 3rd down percentage last year and he’s a big reason why. He locks down backs and TEs. The Vikings will get it done like they always do.

  21. No one will ever remember this guy. He’s mediocre on a team that will–like all Vikings teams–never get over the hump.

    Just another “shoulda-coulda-woulda.”

    No one cares if he is traded.

  22. ariani1985 says:
    August 3, 2018 at 4:15 pm
    Little erin is still quivering in the corner when he hears Barrs name!

    Seriously, how old are you ?
    8 or 10 years old

  23. screamingyellowzonkers says:
    August 3, 2018 at 1:26 pm


    Zimmer is surely setting himself up to look foolish.

    “I am NOT going to be the Alabama head coach..”

    I don’t recall Zimmer ever saying that?

  24. Let’s see what this year brings. I agree with other comments here – not worth an extravagant contract at this point.

  25. Barr has the talent but he doesn’t seem like football is a love for him. I personally (from afar) think Barr is a very smart person and has realized football is not his top priority even though he has the skills. The Vikings see that and will not pay him until they do. Prove it season. My guess is gone next year.

  26. Rodgers does NOT play defense, nor special teams.

    Packer fans comments are so typical why they are disappointed EVERY year: They rely on EVERYTHING regarding Rodgers.

    No defense….doesn’t matter—Erin will bail us out!

    Your mentality is your enemy, packer fans.

    Toughen up.The Vikes are a TEAM!!!!!!

  27. billtetley53 says:”… Starting 3 are solid, after that, who knows?”

    Zimmer knows… that’s who.

  28. wiltmellow says:
    August 3, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Unlike most teams, the Vikings PLAN years in advance. That’s why they have the money to keep their core players.


    When does their plan envision reaching the Super Bowl?

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