Tavon Austin hasn’t “touched the backfield” for the Cowboys


After trading for Tavon Austin this spring, the Cowboys said they would put him in a “web back” role similar to the one Lance Dunbar used to play as a receiver out of the backfield.

They also list him as a running back on their roster, but it appears they may be going in a different direction when it comes to the way they actually use Austin. Austin, who was a wide receiver at West Virginia and with the Rams, has lined up in the slot and as an outside receiver during camp while backfield work has been reserved for other players.

“All the things you see me doing out here is pretty much what I’ll be doing,” Austin said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I ain’t touched the backfield yet, but hopefully, eventually if they need me back there, I’ll be back there too.”

The unsettled nature of the Cowboys receiving corps has been discussed often this offseason and Ezekiel Elliott‘s presence means there isn’t the same uncertainty at running back, which may play a role in how the team ultimately decides to deploy Austin this season.

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  1. I’m sure Jerry and Stephen have it all figured out and will tell the Head Coach how to use I’m.

  2. As a WR, Austin should be the “go route” guy. Just line him up on the outside and send him up the sideline as a decoy to force the secondary to spread out, which opens the middle of the field for underneath routes. When the defense starts ignoring him, throw deep to him. It’s really all you can do with Austin as a WR since he’s awful at route running.

  3. West Virginia hasn’t turned out many good players in the last 20 years. Pac-Man Jones might have been the best in that time period. Everyone who was supposed to be good has been a bust

  4. I’m sure the Cowboys are publicly displaying their offensive strategies for all teams to fully prepare.

    What a joke?! What the public sees are basic offensive strategies. If they intend to use him as a ‘secret weapon’, why expect to see those strategies on public display??

  5. I would use him on WR screens consistently for a few reasons. 1. Garrett and that pathetic coaching staff have no clue how to use his one good skill which is speed, hence a screen would be the easiest way to use him and his speed. 2. He’s not a good WR, so you have to find really easy ways to get him the ball. 3. Jerruh needs to look good on this acquisition and his gimp Garrett knows that he has to make this look good for his boss. 4. The most important reason is that to throw him open or deep you need a good QB. Dakota has proven he is inaccurate, weak armed, and can’t read defenses. So the only real way he’ll find a small undisciplined receiver open will be the WR screen that even I can throw. Due to all of these reasons I think the only regular route that he’ll get is the WR screen.

  6. For the first few weeks of practice, everything is mostly plain vanilla. You try to establish timing with your new receivers. Some coaches like to use ‘smoke & mirrors’ to talk about what they plan to once the season starts. Sometimes the talk is real, and other times it’s not. You want to keep your opponent off balance and guessing.

    I do agree with “You B Crazy” assessment of Austin receiving skills. Austin has shown crazy speed, but not shown much else. I have to assume the ‘Boys will try to refine his route running and receiving skills. Otherwise he’s just a 1 dimensional type player.

  7. Speed kills. Keep Austin as far away from Zeke and make him stretch the field. Focus on Zeke too much, this kid has no trouble getting behind safeties. The only question is can Dak put the ball in front of him? Austin is that fast and yes Dak struggles with the deep pass. Austin needs to learn top catch from behind and im not even trying to hate or be rude, just a true Cowboys’ fan stating facts.

  8. Just because he won’t be used in any way as a traditional runningback, I’d still anticipate them having a subpackage of plays at some point where he lines up somewhere in the backfield.

    We all knew when they said he was an RB, that they weren’t going to start handing him the ball.

  9. Allow the 2nd & 3rd weeks if TC to get underway
    Other players haven’t been seen doing much other than bland football things

    I’m just hoping Carrot Top JG has taken a page out of Nick Saban & Bill Belichek mindset & refuse to show anything definitive to the public
    I use Carrot Top loosely & playfully
    JG operates ONLY from what he’s given & allowed

    I’m confident in Dallas Brass & team as is
    Trusting they will continue to adjust accordingly

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