Odell Beckham optimistic contract will “work itself out”


Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham was in a contemplative mood when he met with reporters at training camp on Saturday.

Beckham reflected on last year’s fractured ankle, saying “life’s just different” after suffering such a serious injury and that the experience has taught him to “not take anything personal” in his dealings with others. That includes contract talks.

The wideout wants a new deal — “who doesn’t want to get more money?” he asked — but didn’t hold out of camp and said that he’s willing to let contract talks play out on their own terms.

“They’ll get it done when they get it done,” Beckham said, via the New York Post. “Let my agent and them figure it out. … Optimistic? Yeah, I’m optimistic. It’ll all work itself out. Life always does. I just know do what you’re supposed to be doing, the rest will always take care of itself. Life has a funny way of reminding you who’s in control and it’s done that.”

The ball is rolling on those contract talks as Beckham’s agent was at Giants camp last week, so Beckham’s wait for things to work themselves out may not have to go on for too long.

11 responses to “Odell Beckham optimistic contract will “work itself out”

  1. The guy who said (both last year & earlier this year) he wants to be the NFL’s highest paid player (and whose camp said the two sides were far apart) will soon throw a tantrum if he doesn’t get uber silly money. I’d make him play 2018 to prove he’s still worth it, post-injury – it won’t cost you any more to wait as he’s already asking the earth. Better still: play him, then tag him, then move on.

  2. At least Beckham has the right attitude and hopefully for the Giants and their fans he means what he says. He has a lot of growing up to do but what young player doesn’t?

  3. He had 25 receptions for 302 yards last season and he wants a new early contract?

  4. Better take a long, hard look at that ankle before signing him. He could go from one-catch “Superstar” to “Star” easily, if not all the way to “Just a Guy”.

    Ah, the value of one great highlight reel catch. Take that away and he’s nothing special, a loudmouth WR with a bad ankle. 15 cents/dozen.

  5. People get on Odell for his antics ,,well let me tell you something those inshrinment speech’s where atrocities to the Hall ,did not need to be preached to about God ,God could care less about you making it to the NFL ,then to ACT A FOOL at the podium and then think you can feather in stories about depression ,,yeah I would be depressed playing for the iggles too ,,, then comes a moment of silence for YA TITTLE and the trashbag iggle fans do a iggles chant ,I knoticed a lot of Hall Alumni was not present ,now I know why ,,good grief !

  6. OBJ is a great player. unfortunately he’s also a head case, and teams shy off spending a fortune on head cases. Hopefully they get something done, he’s still young and extremely productive, but it should contain provisions for voids if suspended.

  7. Michael E says:
    August 5, 2018 at 8:25 am
    He had 25 receptions for 302 yards last season and he wants a new early contract?
    He was injured in week 4. So if you multiply those stats out, it’s 100 catches for 1200 yards and 12 tds, and 397 catches and 5300 yards over 4 years. And this is his 5th year (team option year), the last year of his rookie contract. Not sure how getting a new contract now comes out to an “early contract”. Why don’t you go complain on a Julio Jones story instead?

  8. Odell has been doing and saying the right things since OTA’s started….but he still gets killed in the comments section. There are at least 3 other high profile guys who actually are holding out and putting themselves ahead of their teams, 2 of whom are 5th year players like Odell, but its the guy who ISNT holding out that catches the most heat. Yeah, that makes total sense.

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