Brandon Beane on Corey Coleman: We’re always looking to add speed


Wide receiver Corey Coleman is on his way to Bills training camp Monday morning with a physical planned once he arrives at St. John Fisher College.

Passing that physical will make the trade sending him from Cleveland to Buffalo for a 2020 seventh-round pick will become official. Coleman was a first-round pick in 2016, so that compensation is a pretty clear sign that things didn’t work out for him as planned with the Browns.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane said on Monday, via WGR 550, that he doesn’t know why things went wrong for Coleman, but that the Bills are willing to give him the opportunity to get on the right track. Some of that willingness likely comes from having a thin receiver group and some comes from Coleman’s speed, which is something Beane said the Bills are always looking to add to their lineup.

“It’s a fresh start for Corey Coleman,” Beane said. “He has speed and you can’t coach that. We’re excited for him to come in and compete.”

Assuming that the physical works out, Coleman will get to start showing that speed in practice on Tuesday.

22 responses to “Brandon Beane on Corey Coleman: We’re always looking to add speed

  1. Another speedy WR that can’t catch simple passes. He won’t last long. He was going to get cut anyways, so what does that tell you. Watch the last game, he missed as easy TD that would have won the game for them, but he dropped it. Inexcusable for a 1st round draft pick. He has had trouble with drops in camp as well. Maybe the two broken hands are affecting his catching ability. Rarely do the Browns let someone go (other than FA) and they end up doing well somewhere else. Just wait Bills fans.

  2. As odd as it seems this is a good deal for the Browns.
    Coleman was drafted by the old regime and wasn’t going to play.

    With this trade, the team saves a little cap money and gets a small draft pick.
    And they free up a roster spot for a developmental player they actually want.
    Better to get a little than suffer a 100% loss which is what Coleman would have been had he remained on the team.

  3. ^ its a terrible trade for the Browns. They’re banking their receiving corps on Landry (whos great) and then 2 guys in Gordon and Callaway who have real issues staying on the field. And you have Corey on a rookie deal for the next 2 years assuming you decline the option. So now you have a rookie QB who 2 of his top 3 receivers can’t stay on the field and/or have character issues preventing them from doing so. It’s a joke of a trade.

  4. A first round bust receiver with blazing speed, when his hamstrings aren’t hurting and bad hands, who has missed about 70% of the games since he was drafted due to injury. Good luck with that, Buffalo. With him and Benjamin on board, the Bills seems to be collecting 1st round bust receivers..

  5. Good gamble by the Bills. For a 7th round pick they get a speedy guy with something to prove. Speed can’t be taught but holding onto the ball can.

  6. Speedy? Dude whines about blown out hamstrings on a daily basis. Never took a professional attitude toward learning his craft, ate and partied like a Viking… love loss here. Hands of stone. Could have caught a game winner to give us ONE win last year….nope, rock hands Coleman strikes again.

  7. Corey Coleman would miss a game after chipping a tooth eating mashed potatoes. He’s got glass hands. He was average when he was on the field.

    Showed great hands in college. All that said I think he was worth more than a 7th rounder unless he was cancer in the locker room. All of the interviews I’ve seen do not indicate that he was anything but a good teammate. Still, something is awry.

  8. How can you hate on the Bills with this trade? Give up nothing to get a kid in Rookie deal with something to prove. He could drop every pass in preseason and what did we lose? Nothing at all. Our last Browns addition (FA poyer) was just fine

  9. Awful lot of smack talk coming from fans of a team that has won only one game in two years. Instead of trashing the Bills for trading for this guy, why not start looking at who you could draft with the very last pick in the 2020 draft…A.K.A Mr Irrelevant Comes to Cleveland!

  10. This due is explosive but drops the ball according to the pundits. I know he’s a hell of a lot more explosive than the people we have returning kicks and punts, he can start there, and if Josh Allen gets on the field, this kid can stretch the field and we can try and take the top off a defense with this kid.

  11. I think it’s a low risk, high reward move for the Bills.

    Poll time. Thumbs Up for Bills and Down for Browns. Who has a better season this year? Benjamin/Coleman or Landry/Gordon?

  12. stairwayto7 says:
    August 6, 2018 at 10:01 am
    Going to Hell is better than placing in the cesspool city called Cleveland!

    Classy. Remember you said this on judgement day.

  13. Great deal for both sides. The Browns are loaded a WR with talent and receivers that don’t drop balls. Coleman has been struggling with drops so a change of venue can sometimes cure that. Win/Win

  14. He dropped balls because he broke his hand twice in the same place. He had surgery to correct it. Given time, he becomes the guy they thought they were getting in the 1st round.

  15. catquick says:
    August 6, 2018 at 12:38 pm
    He dropped balls because he broke his hand twice in the same place. He had surgery to correct it. Given time, he becomes the guy they thought they were getting in the 1st round.

    ——————————————————————————————–That’s not accurate. He broke his left hand one year and broke the right hand the following year. Just bad luck.

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