Cordarrelle Patterson finally could be making an impact at receiver


Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson has been regarded for five NFL seasons as a work in progress. He may finally be making some actual progress in his work.

As explained by Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal, Patterson has looked good so far in his first training camp with the Patriots.

I mean, I’m a football player,” Patterson said after making a leaping, one-handed catch in practice. “We come, that’s what we do. We come out and just try to make plays and try to make each other better each and every day. Don’t matter what the situation is. No matter who guards you. Just go out there, have fun and just make plays.”

Coach Bill Belichick is taking notice.

“He’s a hard-working guy,” Belichick said of the former Vikings first-round receiver whom the Patriots acquired in a trade with the Raiders. (That sounds vaguely familiar.) “He’s out there every single day. He’s improved every day. He has skills in offense and the kicking game in a number of different areas, return skills, coverage skills, blocking skills, catching skills. He’s got some experience, so he’s able to utilize that. He understands his skill set and how it matches up against different types of players.”

The unofficial depth chart doesn’t mesh with the praise, showing Patterson as a fourth-stringer. Given his value to special teams and overall versatility, he seems to be destined to win a spot on the 53-man roster.

Patterson has been a great kickoff returner from the moment he arrived in the NFL. During his contract year with the Vikings, he added punt-team gunner to his special-team repertoire, and he has been both a running and receiving threat during scrimmage plays. But he never has been a high-end offensive weapon.

Maybe, in New England, it’s finally going to happen.

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  1. Pats love hardworking ST-ers who can fill-in on O (or D), prob a keeper even if at #4.

  2. apatheticsportreport says:
    August 6, 2018 at 11:44 am
    As a Minnesota fan I know better…let Cordarrelle Patterson return kick offs and don’t expect anything as a WR. Then you might be satisfied with his production.


    To be fair, up to this point in his career, who had Patterson had throwing him the ball?

    Teddy Bridgewater? Derek Carr?

    Let’s give him a chance and see what he can do with Brady

  3. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    August 6, 2018 at 11:53 am
    If anyone can get something more out of Patterson, it’s Belichick. I still don’t expect it, though.

    The Pats can use his help on special teams as a kickoff returner and gunner, so if he helps at all as a WR that would just be a surprising plus to me.

    I still don’t know who the Pats will be using as a punt returner for at least the first mongth. When Edelman’s suspension ends BB may just stick him back out there but I am hoping the fill-in does such a good job in the first four weeks, that BB decides to not have Edelman return punts anymore.

  4. Another pick by spielman I said should have been a lineman but instead they took some “raw” receiver.

    They did the same thing with treadwell. Needed a lineman, took a slow receiver that can’t get open.

    Maybe Brady and B.B. can develop this kid into a receiver. He’s very fast. But can’t run routes.

  5. ———

    To be fair, up to this point in his career, who had Patterson had throwing him the ball?

    Teddy Bridgewater? Derek Carr?

    Let’s give him a chance and see what he can do with Brady


    Diggs and Thielen didn’t seem to have problems with Teddy and Keenum.

  6. Cordarrelle Patterson performed very well for the 2017 Raiders both on Special Teams (returns) as well as on certain running plays in the offense. I liked him a lot and it was one of McKenzie’s good moves to acquire him.

    Trading Patterson was another one of a series of downgrades by Gruden to the Raiders roster and I can think of no other reason for that move other than the massive ego of the “coaching genius” (in his own mind) looking to mark his territory.

    Belichick – who is the REAL deal as a great HC – didn’t pass up on the opportunity to upgrade the Pats’ ST’s and even if Patterson doesn’t really work out as a receiving option, it was a good move for New England at the expense of my Raiders.

  7. kevines255 says:
    August 6, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    To be fair, up to this point in his career, who had Patterson had throwing him the ball?

    Teddy Bridgewater? Derek Carr?

    Let’s give him a chance and see what he can do with Brady


    Diggs and Thielen didn’t seem to have problems with Teddy and Keenum.


    Patterson didn’t play with Keenum…..and how many TDs did Diggs and Thielan have playing with Teddy between them? Seeing as Teddy himself averaged fewer than 1 TD per game….it wasn’t many

  8. I think he will perform better at WR with Brady throwing to him. He is a threat when he has the ball in his hands, so it doesn’t matter how it gets in his hands, just get it there.

  9. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    August 6, 2018 at 12:20 pm
    Jack of all trades, master of none.


    That sounds like a description of your Jets’ entire organization since 1969

  10. I’m not betting against him. You all realize that he is now being coached by a guy who took a 6′ tall QB in the 7th round, who had never played WR in college and turned him into Julian Edelman? It took some time but you cant tell me the guy is not a good player. I have read quotes where Edelman states that Belichick took him out on the field everyday and taught him where to stand and what to do as a WR.

  11. Cordoroy is a great dude with tons of un-harvested talent — I hope he excels with the Pats.

  12. Raw talent only goes so far. He has proven he doesnt care about the game. He is in it just for the money. Guys like that do just enough to not get cut. He might get some stats in the regular season, but theres no way Brady and BB will trust him in the playoffs or at the end of close games.

  13. I’m fuzzy on that draft because it was so bad, but didn’t the Vikings pull the trigger on him because they were spooked it’s who the Patriots wanted or something? I seem to recall that being the story. So he ends up in New England anyway.

  14. They’ll figure out how to use him. He can stretch the field at least, and be a decoy for the in routes underneath that Brady and Co. love in situations where most teams throw downfield. But mostly, I see him used in screen passes and an end-around here and there (which not something we associate with New England, but they’ve busted it out on occasion when the defense is adjusting). In any case, the Pats needed a full time return man after switching between several for the last few years. Some have been relatively successful, like Dion Lewis, but it has been a while since they’ve had a go-to return guy. Patterson fits that bill, and is only a fourth string receiver, so it’s not too much of a workload placed on a starter like Edelman if he ends up taking punts.

  15. Nice guy, good teammate, great utility guy. If he could run a consistent route he’d be an 800 yard per season guy. I still wish him the best, he’s super fun to watch when he gets his hands on the ball.

  16. He was a solid role-player for the Raiders. I don’t see him getting any worse with better coaching, so he ought to be at least that for the Patriots. He’s probably not going to ever live up to his draft pedigree, but how many first rounders ever actually do? If he can match his usual stats I think the Patriots will probably be happy with the deal. Anything more is gravy.

  17. When BB signed Patterson he said something about Patterson “had not been used correctly” and there were rumblings about BB using him as a move TE. So perhaps he will be similar to how BB used Aaron Hernandez? Lined up out wide, in the backfield and occasionally on the line. But don'[t get too caught up on thinking hulking TE as Hernandez couldn’t block anyone. I doubt if Patterson can block much either.

  18. Watching Cordarelle in Oakland last year I could see how him being an MVP of a team.

    He did everything for the Raiders last year and we still didn’t use him enough.

  19. Good luck, can be an electrifying player. Minnesota spent 3 years developing Thielen, who they picked up as an udfa the same year
    they picked CPat in the 1st round. Thielen showed up all day every day -very different attitudes. Now CPats the special teamer.

  20. I don’t feel its going to work out… outside of Randy Moss the Vikings track record of drafting WRs in the first has not boded well, Troy Williamson, Patterson, Harvin, and Treadwell.

    All the “Raw skills” that were the reason he got drafted so high and could “figure the rest out” and I don’t feel much improvement.

  21. Bring your game Flash – just because it didn’t work in Minny doesn’t mean the dream is over. Good Luck!

  22. As a Patriots fan, I’d just be happy to see him continue to contribute to the return game the way he has with other clubs. If he just does that, it was a good move. He’d also be an upgrade over Slater as “emergency” WR.

    I’m unsure about all the comments regarding his inability to run routes (you can’t tell that unless you know the play calls and have the coaches film). Regardless, given his draft status he appears to have underachieved thus far. Who knows if that’s because of him, the system, coaching, or a combination of all. That should be clear by the time September rolls around. I’m not expecting a lot, but if he has playmaking ability, especially if you get him the ball in space, I’d expect Belichick and McDaniels to exploit it. We’ll see if that happens.

  23. I know there is this myth in Patriot (Fantasy) Land that BB is a football whisperer, resurrecting careers when no one else can, but it’s a myth. These discards rarely turn into stars, rarely stay for more than a year. CPat will be no different. Athletic freak with no love of the game. Doesn’t study and hasn’t improved at his position after what, 5 years?

  24. Let’s put it this way…I have more faith in BB to make something more out of Patterson, then I do Jason Garrett to make something more out of Tavon Austin.

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