Jordan Reed: I still have a lot of strengthening to do


Tight end Jordan Reed feels 100 times better than he did last season, but he’s not all the way back from the toe injuries that ruined his 2017 season.

Reed has been practicing at Washington’s training camp, but didn’t start running until a month before camp so he is still looking for the “burst, quickness, speed” he feels is missing from his game right now.

“I feel pretty good man,” Reed said, via John Keim of “I feel good cutting on it. The only thing I have to work on is that burst. … I’ve still got a lot of strengthening to do, explosive work to back to my full potential.”

The story of Reed’s career has been one of strong production as a receiver whenever he’s been healthy enough to get on the field for Washington. With 30 missed games in five seasons, he hasn’t been healthy nearly enough so any predictions about how he’ll progress over the next month should be written in pencil.

5 responses to “Jordan Reed: I still have a lot of strengthening to do

  1. Great receiving talent, but he can’t block worth a darn. If he could just stay healthy for a change. I’d hate to see how banged up he is at 50.

  2. freesoupwithhat says:
    August 6, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    With the added strength he should be able to play 3, maybe even 4 games this year.
    Is 4 the break on the over under? After carefully thinking of thinking this one through, I will take the over. I think he’ll be good for 6, but not consecutively. 🙂

  3. Full potential? After 5 years in the league it’s obvious you’ve reached it.

  4. Disagree that he can’t block. I think he is a very good blocker, esp. downfield. The problem as I see it is that he had a BONE removed from each big toe. The big toe only HAS three bones. Unless his big toes were so long he could previously pick his nose with them, seems like extra BONES are important.

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