Terrell Owens works out for CFL team


Terrell Owens spent Saturday inducting himself into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Sunday, he spent time working out for a CFL team to show he can still play.

According to Stephen Hargis of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Owens tried out for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, along with a handful of other players.

“I know I’m truly blessed and I can still play the game,” Owens said. “What I did out there today is just a small little snippet of what I can do. I just appreciate Coach for the opportunity. I guess he wanted to assess and see where I am physically.

“It’s key when you’re trying out to put your best foot forward, and I’m very pleased with what they saw and what I did out there. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame and come back and play, why not me? I know I can do it; it’s just a matter of someone giving me the opportunity.”

The 44-year-old Owens, who hasn’t worked in the NFL since the Seahawks cut him in the 2012 preseason, worked out for Roughriders coach/General Manager Chris Jones, who came back to his hometown during a bye week.

“I wanted to see him run a lot of different routes and work him out for a while to test his stamina,” Jones said. “I know he can still fly on the track, but I wanted to see if he could consistently run his routes or if he got tired. I have tryouts whenever it’s possible so that former college and pro athletes have the chance to prove themselves and see if they can improve our team. But I’ve never been faced with anything like this. I mean, he’s 44 years old but still runs a 4.4-second 40.

“An agent reached out to me to say that T.O. was interested in a tryout. I gave him the dates we would be available, and it just happened to work out that the timing was perfect for him since he was in Chattanooga for his ceremony. I told him it would be better to come here for the tryout because there wouldn’t be the media frenzy that would be created if he crossed the border to work out in Canada.”

Yes, Owens would certainly hate for a media frenzy to overshadow things. That’s not his style.

9 responses to “Terrell Owens works out for CFL team

  1. Nothing says “Hall of Famer” like desperately begging for Canadian opportunities.

  2. The green riders must be desperate at wr. Hope they are smart not to bring this fool to the cfl.

  3. Yes, Owens would certainly hate for a media frenzy to overshadow things. That’s not his style.

    Well said.

  4. This guy loves loves loves “Me” time on camera. It’s like that saying, offer someone a snack and they want to raid the entire kitchen. Give T.O a little “Me” time on camera, and he just runs with it. On some occasions, you have to respect the guy. He lived his dream. Just wish he had “me” time without the drama.

  5. With all these “exiles” from the NFL, soon the CFL will be the dominant league in North America …( ironic mode ON)…

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