Browns wideout Antonio Callaway popped for expired license and marijuana


Usually when players report to training camp, the time of year for checking police logs has passed.

But with the Browns, and Antonio Callaway, nothing should be considered simple.

According to Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland, the rookie wide receiver was stopped for a traffic violation Sunday at 2:59 a.m. and cited for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license.

The next day, the Browns promoted him to the starting lineup.

Callaway’s talent at Florida was never questioned, but he slipped to the fourth round of this year’s draft after a positive drug test at the Scouting Combine (along with other problems that left him off the team last year).

But he promised to keep himself on the straight and narrow, saying he was not going to let General Manager John Dorsey down for picking him.

According to the police report, Callaway’s vehicle was stopped in the middle of the night after he failed to yield to oncoming traffic while making a turn. Officers realized he had a suspended license and “a small amount” of marijuana under the seat. (Note: This is where cops always look for the weed).

Deputy Chief John Janowski said the amount of marijuana was small enough to be considered a minor misdemeanor in Ohio. That doesn’t mean he’s not at risk from the NFL, which doesn’t always wait for charges, and has shown a willingness to levy outsized penalties for marijuana (compared to, say domestic violence).

41 responses to “Browns wideout Antonio Callaway popped for expired license and marijuana

  1. WTF…..

    ….I mean, man, what the hell is going ‘ on up there ?

    A week ago, The Browns looked to have a pretty strong receiving group; within a week, Gordon has a relapse, they trade 1st rounder Coleman to Buffalo for a seventh rounder in two years, and now Callaway gets busted.

    They’re a Landry injury away from being real bare in that receivers room…….

  2. I wonder if the front office knew before getting rid of Coleman for a 7th round pick not sure it would matter because hes hurt as always. This dude is gonna be a Gordon 2.0. Lucky to get a 2nd chance and is already looking like an idiot.

  3. He’s in his first NFL training camp, so what in the hell is he doing out at 3 in the morning? Then not even to mention driving with a suspended license then having weed on you

  4. This is why Josh Gordon is staying away. Every year there are wild stories of guys doing things crazy at night during training camp. Vikings had crazy Koren Robinson driving around at like 100 mph near Mankato at 3am too.

  5. Another prime example of someone that was given the world only to 💩 all over the giver. I can’t stand the fact that these players continue to mess up instead sitting their asses at home and just being happy for their opportunities. This guy is a loser and Dorsey should just cut ties w/him instead of the embarrassment of actually picking him in the first place!

  6. When will we all grow up and accept that MJ is here to stay. If a guy uses and can’t perform, buh-bye. It’s certainly not a PED.

    Now, if you want to get rid of a truckload of problems there’s this stuff they’re using now that is historically one of the deadliest and has destroyed more lives than all the other drugs combined. And you can get it at any bar, restaurant, heck they sell looseys in coolers in gas stations!

  7. Why would free agents who like to smoke pot ever sign anywhere except in states where it is legal?

    I know this guy is a rookie but here in Seattle this would be a nothing Burger. We might not even know about it. He would get a ticket for driving on a suspended license and be sent on his way.

    In Cleveland he gets pulled out of his car which gets searched and then it’s a big blow up in the National media.

    You know he is supposed to take narcotics(possibly get addicted) for that pain instead! What an idiot! Natural marijuana that really doesn’t have any side effects is a no no!! God himself may have made this plant for you personally but don’t you dare touch it because Jeff sessions and his ilk said so!

    Bad! Bad! No!…

    Speaking of stupid…

  8. But the potheads claim the stuff is not addictive…


    The bait is in the water! Must…..resist!


    Never try to teach a pig to sing. It’s a waste of your time and you will just annoy the pig.

  9. This was a dumb pick. Who is supposed to be mentoring these wrs? They don’t have enough locker leaders to make these picks.

  10. For all the pot heads out there let me stop you from shouting that weed is legal or at the very least, should be.
    This isn’t about smoking weed.
    It’s about decision making and trust. He knew he couldn’t do this and he disrespected the organization that gave him a shot with his checkered past.
    Then he’s out at 3am while you’re in camp. What???? Get some rest dude. Nothing good happens at 3am.
    Last, he did not walk into that office Monday morning and tell the team what happened. He let them trade away an asset because they were depending on him.
    I’m all for giving a guy second chances but this guy just blew it big time. Cut him loose.

  11. 2:59 am, nice. Have fun paying to watch potheads shuffle through their routes and drop passes on a winless team, pot totally makes the sport better because of injuries and mellow something something glaucoma privilege.

  12. D.G. at it again. The penalties for marijuana are NOT “outsized” compared to those for domestic violence. THE PENALTY FOR A FIRST OFFENSE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS SIX SUSPENDED GAMES; the penalty for the first positive marijuana test is essentially NOTHING (except maybe a fine). If a player tests positive, he is put into the NFL’s drug program, and so is subject to further testing (for just 90 days) until he goes long enough without. If he tests positive again, he moves up a level, still no suspension. Only if he tests positive AGAIN in “stage two” does he face a suspension of 4-6 games, plus a move up into “stage three”, at which point a suspension would be 10 games. So a player needs AT LEAST THREE SEPARATE FAILURES before he potentially matches the default (but not maximum) suspension for DV. It is worth point out that MANY TIMES MORE players initially fail a drug test, pass through “stage one” of the drug program, and so go without public mention of the failure than those who fail and then fail enough more times to reach a public suspension. Considering that (according to some) 5-10 times more players fail at least one drug test than the number of players who receive public suspensions, and that becoming public requires at least three offenses, it’s quite clear that the league’s drug policy penalties and DV penalties are not even close to each other…and for good reason.

  13. But he promised to keep himself on the straight and narrow, saying he was not going to let General Manager John Dorsey down for picking him.

    Yeah, right. This guy is totally clueless. Why not just cut him right now. He’s never going to learn and he’ll never play more than a handful of games in his NFL career (Shane Ray 2.0) because he just doesn’t get it. Since he’s probably already in the drug program this is probably a warning and his next offense will be a suspension. Brilliant.

    Ironically I commented on the earlier story about him that he could be a steal if he could stay out of jail (or not be suspended). That would require some brain cells.

  14. Can we get an IQ check?? Driving with suspended license as a member of the NFL. SMH

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