Injuries and QB availability making Dirk Koetter adjust


It’s hard enough for Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter to plan for the season, knowing his starting quarterback won’t play the first three games.

But Koetter admitting his play-calling in the preseason will require some adjustments, between that and the injuries on his offensive line.

The Bucs have been without veteran right tackle Demar Dotson since the start of camp, and they may have a rookie starting at right guard. But other injuries to a number of backups on that side of the line is making Koetter think twice about how to deploy his passers when the exhibition games start this week.

“Some of those guys are going to play with a quarterback they might not have played with,” Koetter said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “We’ll have to adjust accordingly and adjust the play-calling accordingly.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who will start the first three games of the regular season, is scheduled to start Thursday night. And while they might like starter Jameis Winston to get some work before his three-game suspension kicks in, they might not want to have him protected by undrafted rookies and other strays.

A year ago, third quarterback Ryan Griffin was injured during a preseason game, sustaining a shoulder sprain that kept him off the field until November.

7 responses to “Injuries and QB availability making Dirk Koetter adjust

  1. I feel bad for this dude, last year he had to deal with not having a bye week and now this year Winston is suspended for first 3 weeks. He deserves another season with a different QB next year.. but probably won’t

  2. Should have kept Lovie. Once again a hot coord who can’t deal with the realities of the modern NFL.

  3. .
    You wait your whole life to coach your own team and you’re saddled with these distractions. Jason Licht just got an extension, leaving Koetter to be what Chris Carter called “the fall guy”.

  4. Everything should be new again next season! Major house cleaning is sure to happen if 2018 is not at least over 8 wins! The fans will still be stuck with a uninterested ownership! We all think the Glazer family consider the team a cash cow!

  5. The Bucs give their fans so little to be excited about…
    Even with the next year most likely than not going to be a house cleaning year, surely even that brings more anxiety rather than excitement…
    Ridding themselves of mediocre HC, oc, dc and qb ushers in new hope of a team that shifts from perennial losers to consistent contenders BUT THEN you look at their last several choices at hc, oc, dc and qb to realize, what are the chances the owners will finally bring in quality coaches and qb… Poor Tampa!

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