Josh Rosen listed as Cardinals No. 2, gets starter work in camp


The Cardinals went out and spent good money on backup quarterback Mike Glennon this offseason, not knowing that Josh Rosen would fall into their laps.

Now, it’s the rookie in the second spot on the depth chart heading into the preseason, behind starter Sam Bradford.

The first-rounder from UCLA has taken his work with the ones when Bradford gets veteran days in camp (like yesterday), which is good training for what seems inevitable when you go into a season with Bradford as your starter.

That could make Glennon and his two-year, $8 million deal surplus to requirements, or an attractive commodity to other teams looking to upgrade at backup quarterback.

The other interesting note on the unofficial depth chart the Cardinals published is that Brice Butler is listed as the other starting wide receiver opposite Larry Fitzgerald.

Butler signed with the Cardinals in April after an unremarkable three-year run with the Cowboys in which he averaged 14 catches a season. The Cards list Chad Williams and J.J. Nelson as the second-string wideouts, ahead of second-rounder Christian Kirk and journeyman comeback story Greg Little.

10 responses to “Josh Rosen listed as Cardinals No. 2, gets starter work in camp

  1. As a Bears fan, I can tell you confidently that:

    1. No one should be paying even that much for Mike Glennon
    2. Leapfrogging Mike Glennon on a depth chart is neither a difficult feat nor an accomplishment

  2. Atomicwaste has the correct take.

    Glennon is the guy that stays on the roster because he knows how to study and prepare like a pro should. His play is garbage and always has been. He is the ultimate Checkdown Charlie and the slightest hint of pressure sends him into the “Glennon Stuper Shuffle” (as I like to refer to it), which is where he starts stumbling backwards over his owns feet to either:

    a. take a 14-yard sack on 2nd-and-short
    b. throw the ball up for grabs off of his back foot (still dealing with this as a Bucs fan with Jameis)
    c. fumble the football, which is promptly recovered by the defense

    How this man made almost $20m in a season while someone like pedal-to-the-metal Matt Moore got only $1.5m is baffling to me. Compound this with the fact that Moore is currently an unsigned free agent and Glennon is on another teams books for $4m.

    And people want to say Kirk Cousins doesn’t deserve HIS pay.

  3. kamthechancellor says:
    August 7, 2018 at 12:36 pm
    Did Rosen “fall” into their laps? Or did Arizona “fall” for another Pac 12 bust quarterback with the tenth pick like Leinart?

    The Pac-12 has more success in the NFL at the QB than any other conference, especially the “vaunted” SEC.

  4. I still recall how some people were excited for the Bears getting Glennon as they kept saying how he’d looked really good when he was in Tampa. It was like they’d arrived here from some alternate reality whereas on our earth he had never been any better than “meh.”.

  5. Hopefully Rosen can sit for half a season before taking over the reigns. The NFC West has all young QB’s and should be fun to watch for the next several years.

  6. Don’t be surprised if the Cardinals fans worst nightmares come true and Glennon is thrust into action. Bradford hasn’t been consistently healthy in 5 years and Rosen has concussion issues. Might be a long season in the Valley of the sun.

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