Matt Nagy: I have no idea when Roquan Smith might sign


When last we checked in with linebacker Roquan Smith‘s contract impasse with the Bears, word was that the Bears had dropped a clause voiding Smith’s guarantees if he were suspended for violating the league’s rules governing the use of the helmet whole holding fast on the language concerning suspensions for other on-field actions.

That wasn’t enough to get Smith to sign his rookie deal with the team and the intervening week hasn’t done anything to make it seem like a signing is imminent. Bears coach Matt Nagy said on Tuesday that he has “no idea” whether Smith’s absence could extend into the regular season while nothing that there’s “a ways to go yet” before we reach that point in the calendar.

Nagy also said he’s only worrying about the players who are in camp.

“There’s no news,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “As we’ve all said from the beginning, there is a process. I just need to worry about who’s here. And that’s really, truly where I’m at. I’m at a point right now where I just want to focus on who’s here and that’s all — control what I can control and those are the guys that we have and it’s really not that hard. You can spin it in a million different ways, but it’s pretty simple. If you’re here, that’s where we’re at. If you’re not, you can go through the process and eventually get it figured out.”

Smith’s holdout is the second-longest since the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was put in place in 2011 and, due to the early reporting date with the Bears in the Hall of Fame Game, he’s a little more than a week away from matching Joey Bosa‘s 31-day holdout two years ago.

Bosa starred once he finally hit the field and the Bears will be hoping for the same from Smith when and if they can finally offer him a deal he can’t refuse.

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  1. Very bad look for Ryan Pace. His record with 1st-round draft picks during his Bears tenure has been spotty to put it kindly.

  2. This kid could get into a car accident tonight,get seriously injured, never play football again and also never get a dime from the Bears. Pick your battles young man….stop being stupid.

  3. this is getting ridiculous. I was all for him holding out for that before hand, but now that he basically wants all the language removed to void guarantees…..what the hell….

  4. Reply to:
    jluckow says:
    August 7, 2018 at 4:59 pm
    He wants what every other player drafted got. Wow, yea, totally selfish… Obvious sarcasm should be obvious


    Actually, not all players received the same language in their contracts. CAA pushes for special exclusions with their top first round players. 8 out of the final 10 first rounders to sign were CAA clients. Seeing a pattern? Agents make money based on how much players receive so they are only kind of looking out for players. They aren’t not-for-profits, they are businesses that profit just like teams and players themselves. CAA seems to be more willing to push the limits when it leads to $ benefits for their clients and in return themselves.

  5. I get a kick out of fans blasting a player and his agent for not signing a contract that is one-sided and without protection. The answer for when he will be in camp is, “whenever the Bears decide to pull their heads out”.

  6. Of course he wants this language remove otherwise it isn’t guaranteed money now is it. The Bears have been a dumpster fire for a long time and they just are throwing more fire on it. If you are that worried about his on field play than maybe you shouldn’t have drafted him in the first place.

    Those who are backing the franchise are people who think they should just be servants and obey at every turn.

  7. arwiv says:
    August 7, 2018 at 4:49 pm
    This kid could get into a car accident tonight,get seriously injured, never play football again and also never get a dime from the Bears. Pick your battles young man….stop being stupid.


    Protecting your money is the right battle to pick. Why should he put his earnings at risk for doing his job? I guess he should worry about a car wreck over the more likely suspension. That is the smart battle to pick. WOW is all I can say to that logic.

  8. He should drag his agent into a room at camp with the deal makers of the Bears … order delivery food and stay in the room until it’s done ….

    that is if he really wants to play ….

  9. If I were a NFL GM…..I would not draft a CAA client. I would move to the next player on my draft board.

  10. jojopuppyfish says:
    August 7, 2018 at 5:39 pm
    Everyone who has ever held out for the Bears has sucked once they’ve signed

    Except Lance Briggs in 2008 or whatever year that was when he kept rejecting The Bears offers and even said he would never play another down in Chicago. Unless you are only talking rookies.

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