Alex Smith doesn’t see “real weakness” in Derrius Guice’s game


With the first full week of preseason games upon us, teams have been releasing their first depth charts of the year and several of them have players listed at spots that make you scratch your head a little bit.

One of those is in Washington, where second-round pick Derrius Guice is listed alongside undrafted rookie Martez Carter behind Rob Kelley, Chris Thompson, Kapri Bibbs, Samaje Perine and Byron Marshall. Given that the team won’t be keeping six tailbacks or cutting Guice, that seems totally out of whack.

It’s all the more misleading once you listen to quarterback Alex Smith talk about his teammate. Smith said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Guice has shown an ability to do everything they ask for from a running back.

“I didn’t know anything about him when we drafted him,” Smith said, via the Washington Post. “You hear all this nonsense, I guess, that’s out there. The kid has a smile on his face 24/7. He loves playing ball, he loves being out there. Then to be honest, I don’t feel like there’s a real weakness in his game. Pass game, protection, certainly he can run the ball. I feel like he does a heck of a job in protections, I feel like in the pass game he’s a weapon as well. So, I’m excited for him. Certainly as a running back, I think those guys really get to shine when we get the pads on and it goes live, and they can show breaking tackles and open-field stuff. … I think he’s got a lot ahead of him.”

The least of the things Guice would appear to have ahead of him is a climb up the depth chart. Whether or not he’s starting against Arizona on September 9, it is a good bet he’s going to be playing a pretty significant role in his first NFL regular season game.

13 responses to “Alex Smith doesn’t see “real weakness” in Derrius Guice’s game

  1. Out of whack? As a journalist why don’t you explain that in sports, from HS to the pros, upperclassmen and veterans have status until younger players prove themselves. In boxing you have to knock the champ out. In training camp you aren’t knocking the vet from his perch based on what you did in school or in a controlled practice environment.

  2. Derrius Guise is the real deal. His LSU training camp workouts were legendary, and the hubbub in the lead up to the draft was simply because he called out those dorks that were asking him foolish pre-draft questions that the “shield” didn’t want publicized. Look for him to be in the running for rookie of the year, much like Kamara was last season.

  3. I personally wanted the Vikings to trade for Alex Smith and I believe they were going too but the Skins got him. FedEx field tears up knees! Dump. Been there many times as a Vikings fan. Everyone treated me great. Gave food, beer. Same with Phi fans. I think it might be East coast if you are just straight forward and say I’m here to cheer for my team but not to put down your team. Other fans will embrace you and even defend you if a drunk starts something.

  4. The team’s real weakness is the front office. Anyone see that they admitted recently that they do not, and have not for an extended period, had that “waiting list” they bragged about (OK, lied about) for so long, even after steadily removing seats, and they are now desperately trying to sell single game tickets?

  5. If Guice didn’t have Fournette in front of him while at LSU he might have broken a lot of SEC rushing records. He already broke a few with part time carries behind Fournette and being limited by injuries his Senior season. The kid is legit and I look forward to what he can do in the pros.

  6. Maybe those in the Washington organization who are tasked with putting together the roster don’t Excel. Do ya get it? Excel?

  7. no gifts when you play for the WASHINGTON REDSKINS. you start from the bottom and work your way up. no more of that rg3 starter from day one bs. HAIL!

  8. to amaf21-

    “Starting from the bottom” is what Washington did when they signed Alex Smith. You’ll soon find out.

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