K.J. Wright: Seahawks bringing our hunger back to former level


When Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright discussed the changes to the team’s roster in March, he said football is a “ruthless business” and that the departures of many longtime teammates “hurt pretty bad.”

Wright has had a while to get used to the new reality in Seattle and he appears to be feeling less pain. While Wright may still miss the old guard that left the team this offseason, he sees the upside to sharing the field with a group of players who want to achieve the kinds of things that the likes of Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor achieved while they were Seahawks.

“Which is more dangerous, a fed lion or a lion who’s hungry? This defense is hungry. There’s so many guys that want to prove themselves, whether it’s contracts, whether they want to prove they can be a starter in this league — so many guys are on a mission,” Wright said, via Nate Davis of USA Today. “I think that as we won a Super Bowl, had guys going to Pro Bowls — I won’t say the hunger left, but we’re just bringing it back to its former level.”

Linebacker Bobby Wagner, who defensive coordinator Ken Norton calls the “heartbeat of the defense” along with Wright, said that he also feels like he’s seen things come full circle since joining the team. He called this season a “fun and an exciting challenge” and it should be interesting to see how the new-look Seahawks meet it.

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  1. A hungry lion may not have enough strength to make a kill, and it can die of starvation. LOL. The new players may be motivated, but who said that the old guys like Bennett, Avril, Chancellor and Richard Charmin were not motivated? The question is whether they have the talent to replace the old guys without a noticeable drop off in performance. Just as importantly is whether the new guys can stay healthy. Dion Jordan for example seems to be ailing.

  2. Going to be a hard season for Seahawk fans. IMO. Rams should take the division followed close by the 9ers with Seattle coming in third place and finishing up with the Cardinals coming in last place in the NFC West

  3. Lots of Yappin going on from fans of other teams telling us how Seattle is going to be this year with their crystal balls out.

    Those of us that have been around awhile know how that goes and don’t do it.

    If Seattle didn’t have a quarterback I could understand your confidence a little more but just having Russell Wilson scrambling around making plays is enough to beat your team on Any Given Sunday. Seattle was terrible and hurt last year with a kicker that blew two games himself and were still 9 – 7.

    One thing for sure was things were stale in Seattle and major change has happened. This Seahawks fan is excited for the season whatever may come.

  4. Well hunger helps no doubt. It creates competition and can build teamwork. But you can’t replace talent with hunger in the NFL. That team achieved what it did not just because of hunger but because Sherman was an incredible athlete, Bennett and Avril play making pass rushers,and Beast Mode set the tone for the offense. Gonna be very hard to replicate that.

  5. Its funny how teams that are good don’t have the Rah Rah comments getting the swagger back,
    scheme is so good, rookies impress, etc etc. Only teams destined for the bottom 1/2 of the
    league do this in training camp.

  6. It was funny to hear this kind of self delusion when the Seahawks were still capable of a wild card playoff spot. Now it’s hysterical.

  7. “Which is more dangerous, a fed lion or a lion who’s hungry?

    EXACTLY, the “NEW” Leigon is being built as we speak!

  8. flavofaze says:
    August 8, 2018 at 5:46 pm
    …Russell Wilson played lights out last year without a running game…what would happen if the Seahawks run the ball well this year?


    What would happen? Instead of losing by 20 points they will lose by 10

  9. The new players will experience hunger for a playoff berth for years to come. May be they will hunger for a winning record for years to come.

  10. The Legion of Boom has likely lost Kam Chanceller (the player responsible for the name boom) and it has added many old veterans. Perhaps it will now be called the Legion of Prune.

  11. From what I saw watching them last season “hunger” was never really the issue. Guys out hurt and general poor play were the real problems. Even an average performance by the o-line would make a HUGE difference for them, as example. But I don’t see them being extra fired-up as the solution to anything.

  12. So, he agrees their desire was lower in prior years? Good to know.
    Let’s revisit this statement in a year or two.

  13. Great KJ!!!! Now if only the front office could bring the talent level up to the former levels as well!!! SEA is by far the least talented squad in the NFC-W.

  14. I’m truly not someone to bash on a teams misfortunes,cause any real fan knows each team will suffer at some point. Even pats will head down a tuff years when Brady hits the wall. But Seattle and mainly there fans our different. They finally got good and all the sudden they acted like they have been the team to win 5 Super Bowls in 14 years,they acted like they went to playoffs for 17 straight years. Most importantly when the niners fell off the cliff in 2014 all they did was rip the team up and down ( oh real teams prepare for this and it’s niners fault) they just believed it was now there world and was gonna always be the best. Well I’m here to say enjoy fighting with cards for next couple of years and then just being bottom of division cause facts our cards,rams (for a couple years) and niners all have there qbs all have better cap space. Wilson is good no doubt but him getting older and older the less his legs become reliable. Then you got to find the new qb so enjoy for 10 years at least. Yes 10 years I give Wilson 5 more and he won’t be enough then I give them 4 or 5 years to rebuild team. Then niners and rams should start to wind down. So eat your words Seattle fans eat them!! If you had a real franchise you would know how to prepare for when you lose a bunch of players.

  15. nhpats says:
    August 8, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    flavofaze says:
    August 8, 2018 at 5:46 pm
    …Russell Wilson played lights out last year without a running game…what would happen if the Seahawks run the ball well this year?


    What would happen? Instead of losing by 20 points they will lose by 10

    A 10 pt swing leaves the Hawks 15-1 last season genius.

  16. Sherman hurt early, missed almost the whole season.

    Chancellor hurt his neck early, missed most the season.

    Avril hurt early, missed most the season.

    Maxwell signed midway thru the year.

    D Brown signed midway thru the yr

    Carson led the NFL in YPA before being injured.

    Prosise hurt almost all year.

    Fant out all year.

    If Hawks don’t miss FGs in three games they’d have won 12 games.

    Yeah keep hoping losing Sherman & Chancellor will be their demise.

  17. In 2011 and 2012 Nobody thought Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were “talented”. Detroit didn’t see much of Avril, and the Bucs were happy to get rid of Bennett. Basically meaning they didn’t think they were talented. Seahawks coached them up and made them into the talented players they were for their dominant run as a defense. There are a lot of new faces on Defense for the Hawks now, and I see them more talented then the previous bunch outside of Earl Thomas and Kam. The safety positions are not going to be as strong but we had the two best in the game so its hard to replace those guys but we will have a strong safety duo with really good players throughout the defense.

  18. Every team in the NFL goes through a transition period; it just depends on how competitive that they stay. Seattle lost depth on the Edge; they gained depth at DT. This is probably the best interior group since 2013 with the additions of Johnson and Stephan from Minn. SAM has always been a weak spot but with Mingo it is improved. Griffin also added depth the LB group, something missing since Smith left. The secondary is pretty much the same with the exception of Maxwell instead of Sherman. Reed and Flowers have looked good in camp. Flowers will make a name for himself this preseason. The chances of Earl being traded are slim so he will probably play with McDougal at SS. Tedric Thompson is really looking good this year in camp. He was drafted last year to be the next FS and is beginning to look the part. Delano Hill will get his shot in preseason at SS in his second year. If Seattle can find some edge help at the cutdown to 53 or a trade they could still be pretty good defensively. The rams sold the farm to win it all this year. They gave Cooks the big contract and Gurly, but Donald didn’t get his and held out again. Everyone is talking about Thomas, not much is said about Donald….probably the best defensive player in the league. While Seattle doesn’t have the Marquee names they do have some pretty good young talent mixed with decent vets. I think Seattle is better than the pundits think and with preseason here they’ll have the chance to start proving it. It’s exciting to see the new faces that are rebuilding the face of the team, while helping the cap next year and restoring the enthusiasm that has been missing the last two years. Camp has looked good and the energy seems to be flowing in the same direction…it’s been awhile.

  19. So eat your words Seattle fans eat them!! If you had a real franchise you would know how to prepare for when you lose a bunch of players.

    Going to be hilarious when Seattle wins 10+ games this year and starts trending back up instead of down. Hopefully 9-7 last year(winning record unlike 6 wins) was the lowpoint for the hawks and the one eating the words will be you.

    Niner fans only got what they deserved after talking all that and being so rude after Seattle singularly took them down and made them nothing again. Pete chased Jim Harbaugh back to college and ended all that fake happy down in San Fran.

    Now you play in Santa Clara…in front of a bunch of trendy google kids on their phones.

    I would hate the Seahawks too.

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