Report: Raiders ask Donald Penn to take a pay cut

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Donald Penn‘s future with the Raiders is uncertain after the team asked the offensive tackle to take a pay cut, Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Penn, 35, skipped training camp last summer in a contract holdout. He reported August 23, and three weeks later, the Raiders rewarded him with a two-year, $21 million extension.

Half of Penn’s salary is guaranteed this season, and he can earn an additional $2.35 million in bonuses and incentives. The Raiders are uncomfortable with the structure of the contract for 2018, per Gehlken, with Penn coming off a major injury.

Penn remains on the physically unable to perform list as he rehabs from December foot surgery.

Gehlken suggests the team could seek to convert the unguaranteed half of Penn’s base salary — $3 million — into bonuses or incentives.

The Raiders spent two of their top three picks on offensive tackles, selecting Kolton Miller in the first round and Brandon Parker in the third. The selection of Miller prompted Penn to take to social media on draft night, tweeting, “MORE MOTIVATION.”

19 responses to “Report: Raiders ask Donald Penn to take a pay cut

  1. Oh boy. Looking more like we will be going in to the season with a rookie LT.

    But we got to set money aside for Mack! Hopefully staff seen enough experience and quality from Miller to make this request.

  2. I was just hoping they’d outright cut his loudmouth a** i know there is some dead money but it would free up some cap space to help resign Mack. i know all you sports writers love the “Raiders are trading Mack” clickbait garbage. But talents like Mack don’t come around very often. He’ll be a Raider for the foreseeable future.

  3. This isnt a surprise, with the way Gruden has been talking all his draft picks up he really making an effort to have “his” guys on the team. This just gives the Raiders alittle cushion when they decide to cut Penn. Just throwing it out there that they made an effort, but we all know this is what Gruden really wants.

    Its a shame though, you can already see Grudens ego shining through every decision made so far.

    We all know Reggie Mckenzie is getting shown the door after this season and im confident in 5-6 years time we’ll all be looking back and regretting letting Reggie go / Hiring Gruden.

  4. As stated here months ago, the Raiders are clueless and cashless. Why not just cut Penn? They drafted his replacement and Penn sucks. Oh wait, he fits Gruden’s model age group. The Raiders are going down hard this season. Fact.

  5. Penn shouldn’t simply be asked to take a pay cut in order to stay – he should be cut from the roster altogether. Penn was good is first few years but played horribly in 2017 and is clearly over-the-hill at 35. In addition he held out last year and is a team cancer as evidenced by the fact that he organized the rest of the o-line not to pass block for Carr in the Redskins game.

    I’m not sure how much Kolton Miller will amount to as an OLT (I thought that he was a 1st round reach) but I’m pretty sure that at this stage he would be better than Penn. I could actually develop a small amount of respect for Gruden if Penn is cut before the regular season opener.

  6. Funny for a team that has had only 1 winning season since 2002 they certainly still have a lot of haters. It’s going to be funny watching all the comments disappear when they start winning super bowls again.

  7. Penn is not what he once was, but I have more confidence in him right now than Kolton Miller. Forget about Penn’s antics and just look at play – Penn is still better than Miller. I want the best players on the field regardless of how much noise they make and right now the Raiders don’t have anyone clearly better than him to play LT.

    Just Win Baby – that’s all that matters.

  8. They should just cut him. His 2018 salary is $6M of which $3M is guaranteed. However, if they cut him it would be $3M in dead money but $5.38M in cap savings. Why not just do it instead of wasting a roster spot on this guy. You can’t imagine his play will be any better this year than it was last and his attitude surely won’t be any better so time to just move on.

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