Richie Incognito issues apology to Mike Zimmer, deletes tweets calling him a liar

Getty Images

Former Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito has issued an apology to Mike Zimmer and deleted his tweets from earlier in the day calling the Minnesota Vikings head coach a “f–king liar” for saying the team wasn’t interested in his services.

Incognito also deleted tweets that included screenshots of texts he had with recently deceased Vikings offensive line coach Tony Sparano indicating his interest in Incognito potentially playing in Minnesota. However, that is a decision Sparano wouldn’t have had the authority to make and it seems as though that sentiment wasn’t shared by Zimmer.

It seems relatively clear that Incognito misconstrued the interest of Sparano with the interest of the Vikings as a whole. While putting the head coach on blast probably wasn’t a wise move to begin with, it’s good to see Incognito admit he was in the wrong for his tweets directed at Zimmer.