Shaquem Griffin is getting noticed at Seahawks camp


The interception of Russell Wilson wasn’t a fluke.

Rookie linebacker Shaquem Griffin has generated rave reviews in his first NFL training camp, despite a physical disability from which few pro football players suffer.

Shaquem is definitely one that stands out to me,” linebacker Bobby Wagner told USA Today. “All the people that doubted him because he doesn’t have a hand? He’s a great player. He’s flying around making plays, he picked off Russ, he’s batting down passes, making sacks.”

“He’s playing surprisingly really good,” Seattle defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. said. “I mean, this kid is fast, he’s really smart, he’s really physical, he doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and he shows up every day. He’s for real. We understand that he’s missing a hand — and everybody focuses on that note — but he’s a real football player. . . . He’s a joy to coach.”

Griffin, whose twin brother, Shaquill, already was a member of the Seahawks, generated great numbers at the Scouting Combine after a stellar career at UCF. But the lack of a hand surely contributed to his slide, and it could be that plenty of teams regret not taking a chance on him before the Seahawks threw out a lifeline in round five.

“I feel like I’m adjusting well,” Griffin recently told reporters. “The only thing I’m doing is listening to my coaches and they always say, make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. So I make sure I emphasize on that. If it’s anything I mess up on, I make sure I don’t do it the next day. I just pay attention to what my coaches are telling me and I just follow the footsteps of the guys in front of me. Me doing that, I’m making more and more plays and the only thing I need to do is keep doing what I’m doing.”

But Griffin doesn’t yet believe he belongs in the NFL.

“Definitely not, definitely not,” he said. “I got a lot to prove. I got to prove myself every single day, I’m not going to get comfortable where I’m at. I’m blessed and happy to be here, but the work is not done. Far from done. I’m just here to learn more and be the best player and be the best teammate I can be.”

So far, so good. And if he thrives in the NFL, it will be an inspiration to anyone who is trying to fight through adversity or disability of any kind.

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  1. I mean yea i noticed too and was like WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS ARM. Call me crazy but. Would think a pro nfl player would need two fully intact arms and hands to be good at their job

  2. If I were him I’d play with a hook on the other hand just for show. Really pulling for this guy!

  3. Hope he has a monster career. Such an inspiration to all with and without disabilities. Seems to be a great young man from all I’ve seen/read of him and his family in interviews.

    Quick question im not sure ive seen anyone answer.. i know he has a special prosthetic he had made for use when working out(bench press,pull ups etc).. so can he have another made for in game use??? And Would that even be allowed by the league.??

  4. I haven’t read all that much about Griffin, but from what I have read he seems he a great person, super dedicated and hard working, and an excellent athlete. Of course I hope he has a great career and serves an inspiration for people around the country (and world!) for many years to come.

    I think back to Jim Abbott, the baseball pitcher who, like Griffin, had only one hand. Abbot played 10 seasons of major league ball, with a highlight being a no hitter he threw while pitching for the Yankees. Abbott has been a good man and inspiration to countless people, and I hope that Griffin can have the same type of positive impact in the world that Abbott has had.

    Seeing men like Griffin and Abbott achieve what they do is humbling, especially because they are so unassuming and modest about their great accomplishments. I have a hard enough time taking care of things with two healthy arms, hands, legs, and feet.

  5. People looking at that stump as a disability, but if you watch his college tape he uses it to poke the ball out when he’s hitting someone. Looks more like a super power than a problem.

  6. cmonitsfunny says:
    August 8, 2018 at 8:33 pm
    I hope he works out, but he has a high hill to climb. I really doubt he makes the team. Missing a hand is a huge disadvantage.
    Actually, It’s not as big of a disadvantage as you would think. Even though deflecting passes is his biggest job in coverage, He can still catch just about anything someone with two hands can. He has no problems making a tackle and with his relentless motor and speed is quite like Kuechly with his range… sideline to sideline. What he lacks in certain areas he makes up in others. His energy and determination alone makes him stand out and pushes the players around him to work harder. The Seahawks picked him in the 5th round for a reason, I have no doubt that he’ll make the 53 man roster.

  7. UCF alumnus here (so slight bias), but I encourage those that are on the fence about Shaquem to head to Youtube and watch some highlights. If you only watch one, make it the Auburn game. He straight dominated an SEC line (he played at UCF, remember?) and his play directly led to mistakes and turnovers by the Tigers.

    I am a Bucs fan (so damn hard) and wanted him to be homegrown in the pros, but I can’t argue with him playing with his (TWIN!) brother in Seattle (who I was already ecstatic about!).

    Love these guys and love to see Knights in the pros! Go, Shaquem!

  8. We need less, not more snake hair. Time for the NFL to clean up its act – cut your hair or secure it in the helmet – any hair that prevents your name from being clearly seen should result in a disqualification at game time for that player. Enough of this unkept look.

  9. I can’t see how anyone could not root for this kid. He’s a beast and has a great attitude. He’s going to make it…I guarantee it (assuming no freak career-ending injury).

  10. Snake hair?

    You sound so sensitive…I would just use it to ride them down if they got out in front. Like big handles to grab. We’ve seen Marshawn and Richard Sherman taken down by their hair and I thought, why dont more people do that? One guy even ripped off one of Marshawns dreads if I am not mistaken.

    You dont like the predator look, we get it, but thats more about you than the hairstyle.

  11. Watching the to Griffin boys together is a whole lot of fun they really love each other and it’s obvious.

    It’s like the exact opposite of having Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman sitting there in the locker room.

  12. unless one is on board with the PC police and Bubblegum popping Beyoncé worshippers in lauding this feel-good story du hour, their comments aren’t posted;

    when will people accept the reality of this?

    must it be carried to its inevitable conclusion as a final cut or benching after the first few games of the season?

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