Trevor Davis, Geronimo Allison occupy key spots on Packers’ receiver depth chart


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers called out his team’s young receivers on Tuesday, exempting three of them (DeAngelo Yancey, Geronimo Allison, and Jake Kumerow) from public shaming. The team may not entirely agree.

Trevor Davis, who wasn’t on Rodgers’ short list of non-“piss poor” receivers, is listed as a second-string receiver on the team’s initial depth chart, along with Allison. The starters are, obviously, veterans Randall Cobb and Davante Adams.

Yancey and Kumerow appear with the cluster of third stringers, along with J'Mon Moore, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, Adonis Jennings, Equanimeous St. Brown, and Kyle Lewis.

As Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America suggested during Wednesday’s PFT Live, Rodgers’ remarks may have guaranteed the release of three of the young receivers. Ultimately, those that make the roster will need to be ready to step up when their number is called or they’ll hear it from Rodgers, privately or publicly.

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  1. It’s never good to call out your teammates but Rodgers only cares about himself, his contract, his legacy and Hollywood. Good luck once he signs his contract.

  2. Packers WR Depth Chart:


    Davante Adams

    Randall Cobb

    Geronimo Allison

    2nd String-

    J’Mon Moore

    Trevor Davis

    Equanimeous St. Brown

    Fighting for spot on 53-

    Jake Kumerow

    Yancey DeAngelo

    Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    Adonis Jennings

    Kyle Lewis

    If today was Sept 1st and the final cut day to 53, Jake Kumerow would make the team. He is from Wisconsin-Whitewater and a players fav and fan favorite. The dude is a lot like Jordy. Runs good routes and is always where he is supposed to be. If he makes some plays in the pre season games he will make this team. I wish we could keep both Kumerow and Valdez-Scantling, but only one will make it.

    Trevor Davis is a near lock because of his return skills. It would take a near miracle for either Kyle Lewis or Adonis Jennings to make the 53.




  3. Bottom line is, you need to have a thick skin if you want to be successful at anything. If the young receivers would rather sulk and pout rather than take this as a learning experience, they don’t deserve to be on the roster. If they take it to heart and learn from it, they have a chance to put up some big numbers on this team.

  4. Rodgers comments aren’t going to get them released, their play will. He could have made those comments for any given number of reasons. We are two weeks into practicing and you think comments are going to decide things?

  5. Aaron never said the recievers were piss poor…he said their effort was. My god, feed the trolls why dontcha?

  6. Rodgers is looking to see which of the three young receivers will wake up and seize a great opportunity. I’m glad he’s issuing the challenge now. Seems clear to me that he’s demanding they actually study the play book and know their calls. Don’t care of Viking or other fans want to call him a diva, I’m glad he’s leading with clarity while there are four preseason games for at least one of them to get focused and earn a job catching balls from an MVP/HOF QB.

  7. No way the Packers keep 7 wideouts ppl. Someone is getting cut and claimed. Kumerow solid PS material. Trevor Davis could lose his KR/PR spot to Alexander. Time for the cream to rise to the top the next 3 weeks!

  8. Rodgers’ remarks may have guaranteed the release of three of the young receivers.

    So Rodgers is simultaneously running the show while crying about his contract. Good God this will not end well.

  9. Sorry Yancey. I flip flopped your name above.

    *DeAngelo Yancey

    And by the way I think Yancey will be kept, but on the practice squad.

    So many downvotes…haha. People sick of my position group depth charts? Oh well😉

  10. “……..suggested during Wednesday’s PFT Live, Rodgers’ remarks may have guaranteed the release of three of the young receivers.”
    Like I said.
    We all know who has final say in Green Bay.

  11. I just wish you would re-format your depth charts.

    Adams, Cobb, Allison.
    Moore, Davis, St. Brown.
    The rest of them. Much easier to read.

    Anyhow I don’t know what anyone sees in Trevor Davis. I haven’t seen him do a thing in two years.

  12. What a twist! My sources tell me the Vikings receivers are calling out Cousins nearly everyday! You have to understand……….the players run the show and do what they want over there, just like Rhodes refusing the demands of his coaches to leave when the third-stringers took the field earlier this week.

    I guess that’s a better way of doing things? Who knew. That’s why they’re the experts and the most successful franchise in the history of the game. At least I think it’s the Vikings. If not, someone please correct me.

  13. cheeseisfattening says:
    August 9, 2018 at 1:15 am

    So Rodgers is simultaneously running the show while crying about his contract. Good God this will not end well.

    I realize logic isn’t your strong suit, but if Rodgers was running the show then he wouldn’t be crying about his contract, would he?

    Get out of here with your nonsense.

  14. The current depth chart means absolutely nothing.
    McCarthy disdains filling one out, but has to in order to abide by league rules.
    In about a decade of watching McCarthy’s training camps, I’ve seen plenty of wonky things happen between the initial depth chart and week one tackle football.

    As for the receivers, with the departure of Jeff Janis, one of these young rookies could easily secure a roster spot by proving to be a competent special team’s gunner.

    Also, I’m not sure why everybody feels the Travis Davis experiment will continue.
    In three seasons he’s shown next to nothing as a receiver and despite his experience I do believe he’ll be replaced on punt returns by J. Alexander.

    Kumerow has been a great story
    Local kid, a three year vet still trying to catch on.
    He’s certainly earned the trust of the QB, and I’m looking forward to see him in preseason action.

    Look, none of these new wideouts and draft picks are in any danger of getting cut yet, not two weeks into camp, regardless of what’s been written or said.
    It was a lackluster practice that drew the ire of some veterans and the QB let it be known.
    That’s what leaders do.
    It’s time to move on and with plenty of camp left to change hearts and minds, I suspect this story will live on PFT far longer than it will in camp.
    You know, where it actually counts.

  15. “He is the QB. If he doesn’t like them they will be gone”


    If Aaron was really running the team then Jordy would still be in Green Bay. It is clear that Aaron Rodgers controls your headspace, but doesn’t control the Packers.

    Moving on…

    “Someone is getting cut”


    Of course. And more than one WR will be cut. The depth chart is all the WR’s on the current 90 man roster.

    The players on the bubble or fighting for a spot are as I said:

    Jake Kumerow

    DeAngelo Yancy

    Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    Kyle Lewis

    Adonis Jennings

    Most likely only one of the above players makes the final 53. As I said earlier if the cut to 53 was today Jake Kumerow would be that one.

  16. h0metownzero says:

    August 8, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    It’s hard to imagine anything other than the Packers easily walking away with the NFC North this year. There is just so much talent.


    if you want a refresher look back at last year and 2015. The Vikings and Packers are pretty even so either could win. I know it’s hard for some of you Packer fans to admit, but it’s true. I’m not naïve enough to admit both teams have a great chance, even thou the Vikings are my team.

    Also outside of Rodgers, and maybe a few of the receivers, what talent? The Defense should improve for sure, but there are a ton of question marks. If the Packers win the NFC north its off the magic of Rodgers.

  17. And to those saying “the Packers won’t keep 7 WR’s”:

    Keep in mind that Aaron Jones does not count as a roster spot until week 3. Gute could keep 7 wideouts for the offense to begin with, then just before week 3 cut one WR as Aaron Jones re-joins the roster.

  18. Yea. offense wins championships is the old saying.
    Your squad likely won’t even make the playoffs.

  19. U mad bruh?

    We are only talking about WR’s because that’s the article topic.

    If you are hoping our defense is bad. I wish you luck with that. Mike Pettine and his squad say hello. Reality sets in for you Barneys soon. Your offseason championship talk is over. It’s time to pay the piper little ones.

  20. screamingyellowzonkers says:
    August 9, 2018

    Like I said.
    We all know who has final say in Green Bay.

    Judging by all the football “knowledge” you drop here its safe to say you’re wrong.

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