Warren Moon still absent from Seahawks radio broadcasts following lawsuit

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Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon remains absent from Seahawks radio broadcasts as he continues his leave of absence following a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him last December.

Moon issued denials regarding the subject last year but remains away from the team. He will be replaced by former fullback Mack Strong and defensive back Jordan Babineaux for preseason games and former linebacker Dave Wyman for regular season contests in the interim, per a team release on broadcast coverage for the upcoming season.

Moon was accused of sexual battery by his former executive assistant and claimed that he drugged her during a work trip to Mexico. Additionally, she claimed that Moon forced her to share a hotel room and bed with him while the two were on business trips together, which he admitted had occurred but he downplayed the significance.

Moon has served as the team’s color analyst on radio broadcasts since 2004.

16 responses to “Warren Moon still absent from Seahawks radio broadcasts following lawsuit

  1. Make Wyman a permanent fixture on the broadcasts. His ability to articulate and explain what is happening on the field is the best in the biz. And he won’t make up words like Warren does.

  2. Mack, Big Play Babs and Dave Wyman are experienced on the radio and will be very competent as radio analysts this season.

  3. Sharing and forcing a single bed in a hotel room is a lot different in terminology. There were also multiple trips where they were together. Wouldn’t someone after one trip where there was one bed not go on another trip? There were both gown grown grown adults by them… Maybe I’m the only one confused…
    What do you think?

  4. How are you forced to share a hotel room or bed with anyone if you are an adult? Unless it’s at gun or knife point. He may be a predator, but this seems strange that she would not just get another room, even at another hotel. I know I would.

  5. Moon is a very creepy dude. Have you watched his A Football Life show??? He’s a great at baking though. smh

  6. Sorry Warren but you screwed up big time and in the real world you lose your job for that. . Pretty lame you theought it was perfectly OK to share a bed with a co-worker and say nothing happened….lol On a side note, why would you want to work for the Seahawks anyway?…your a Houston Oiler !!

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