Aaron Donald’s holdout gets a lot more expensive tonight, in theory

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Last year, Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald racked up tens of thousands in fines due to his decision to boycott training camp in an effort to get his second contract. When he finally showed up, the team waived the penalty.

This year, Donald once again is a holdout. By rule, he faces only $30,000 per day in fines for skipping camp, down from the $40,000 daily charge that applies to players not on the fifth-year of a first-round rookie deal. However, starting tonight, Donald’s holdout gets a lot more expensive, at least in theory.

Upon missing the preseason opener in Baltimore against the Ravens, Donald incurs a fine in the amount of one regular-season game check. At a base salary of $6.892 million this year, that’s a fine of $405,000.

Donald presumably believes that, no matter how his situation plays out, he won’t be stuck with a bill in excess of $1.6 million. However, he could be — and that gives the Rams another concession that can be made if/when two sides currently meandering through the same zip code, area code, and ballpark end up crossing paths.

12 responses to “Aaron Donald’s holdout gets a lot more expensive tonight, in theory

  1. Too many personalities on the Rams. They are going to have locker room problems this year. Just watch.

  2. Teams that get great non QB players on a big discount during their rookie deals are better off trading the player last year of contract because he wants over compensation for his years of service. He goes to new team and the slate is clean. Nickel and diming a star player gets ugly on both sides.

  3. Donald is just taking care of himself (as he should) and the Rams are trying to make the friendliest deal for them. I tend to believe the Rams ought to be motivated to get him signed now if they can. When he becomes a restricted free agent after the season, some team may want him so badly that they step up with an offer that would hurt the Rams’ financial planning so much that they have no choice but to let him go.

  4. If the Rams aren’t going to pay him then just let him go to another team that will…Be decent to the man for the stellar years he provided…It’s just so wrong to hold a player’s rights 1, 2, or 3 years (options + tags) after he already honored the original 4 year contract! This type of behavior should make drafted players and free agents want to avoid the Rams…#dooshbags

  5. They have offered Donald 21 million a year per reports, it’s not like they are trying to low ball him. Restricted free agency doesn’t mean much as the Rams can franchise him for 3 years. It’s lousy for him, but the collective bargaining agreement allows teams to to do that. I think they will still sign him before the first game, they have a ton of cap money for the next few years. They still must sign Peters and Goff the following year, but they have lots of cap money both years.

  6. Fines should be enforced.
    He has been offered and astronomical amount of money.
    Teams don;t want to pay that kind of money for non QB’s.
    The rest of team should not want a few guys sucking up all the $$$.

    They fought hard to keep the cash for the vets in the CBA.
    Spread it around and you have a better team.
    Can’t lock up the cap in 3-4 players and be successful.

  7. Apparently he is asking for in excess of $20 million per year. At that price, the Rams can franchise him for 3 years, come out even monetarily, and dump him if he has a major injury. He should take the Ram’s offer.

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