Bears G.M. Ryan Pace: No new developments on Roquan Smith

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Chicago linebacker Roquan Smith is this year’s only draft pick who hasn’t signed his rookie contract, and the Bears don’t seem to think the issue is going to be resolved any time soon.

Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said on the radio broadcast of the team’s pregame show tonight that nothing is happening on the Smith front.

“There are really no new developments to this point. It’s something that we’re working through and obviously I feel like a broken record here but we want him to be here but it’s just part of the process,” Pace said.

Smith’s camp and the Bears are reportedly at odds over whether Smith would lose guaranteed money if he is ever suspended. Pace declined to go into specifics and said it’s better not to let the negotiation play out in the media.

“I hope people can respect it,” Pace said. “I definitely appreciate the questions and understand the questions, but out of respect to the player and the agent it is a sensitive topic and I think it’s best if we just keep that behind the scenes.”

Smith’s holdout is one of the longest since the NFL’s 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement largely dictated the salaries of all draft picks. The holdout may go even longer, as neither side sounds interested in backing down.

14 responses to “Bears G.M. Ryan Pace: No new developments on Roquan Smith

  1. I don’t know the facts, obviously, so whom the morons are that can’t get this done is a mystery, but it really is pretty funny, if only because it’s happening to a division rival. Smith is already far enough behind physically and mentally to write off his rookie season.

  2. It seems a little weird that no one is even talking. I don’t think the kid wants to play at all. If he doesn’t want to play for the Bears he should just say it and get it over with. I can’t imagine a “Football” player, would rather be a side story and a example for his agents. If I were a GM in this league I would tell CAA to go pound sand and never deal with them again. Period.

  3. This is about agents trying to grab on to something, anything, that will let them tell future rookies that they need an agent for their first contract. A smart player would hire a good contract lawyer by the hour to negotiate the rookie deal and hire an agent afterwards.

  4. This is becoming ridiculous.
    Pace needs to reveal what the real holdup is.
    If they’re truly nickel and diming this kid, it’s time for more changes.
    Or if Smith is just being unrealistic with his demands, trade him and move on.

  5. Something tells me he doesn’t want to play in Chicago. No proof on this and I hope it isn’t true, but jeez, this reminds me of Cedric Benson holding out and then it was revealed he didn’t even want to play for the Bears.

  6. redislander10 says:
    August 9, 2018 at 7:11 pm
    This is 100% on the Bears, not the player.
    I’m glad someone knows. Please tell us about the verbiage in the contract that are in dispute so the rest of us can understand.

  7. Plain and simple the Agency wants to tell rookies come to us and if you get busted for drugs or bashing your wife’s face in we will still make sure your paid. Unfortunately they are using Roquan as the idyllic symbol for this stand. He is a pawn. The bears already caved on the on-the-field stuff and they want the off-the-field stuff too.

    This is a bad situation and roquan may possibly re-enter the draft next year and lose millions and never be the same guy again. Either way Roquan is the guy losing here. I feel if this happens the definition of compensatory pick may change in the future, but the bears lose out on a first.

    I still am on managements side here… no one should get guaranteed money regardless of off-the-field shenanigans.

  8. I think the CAA Agency should be blackballed by not only the Bears but by everyone. They are clearly not doing right by client . The kid is a football player. Not a pawn for CAA. I would like to hear from Roquan . I have to wonder why we are not? If he doesn’t want to play for Chicago, he should have said so before the draft.

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