Dez Bryant says he’s visiting the Browns next week

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Free-agent receiver Dez Bryant apparently plans to answer his phone, after all.

After being called out publicly by Browns G.M. John Dorsey for failing to press “accept” on his cellular device, Bryant tweeted that he’ll start making visits next week, and that he’ll be visiting the Browns.

Bryant has so far not yet identified other teams that he’ll be visiting.

The announcement that he’ll visit the Browns comes after a pair of tweets in which Bryant suggested he has indeed spoken to Dorsey. Of course, it’s possible that both versions are accurate, that Dorsey and Bryant spoke at some point in the past, and that Bryant hasn’t been responding to overtures from the Browns regarding a visit.

It remains to be seen whether the Browns offer Bryant a contract, whether the financial terms are acceptable, and whether another team more likely to contend this year decides to pursue him. Maybe he’s seen enough from the Cleveland offense to persuade him that maybe the team that has won one game in two seasons can indeed contend.

23 responses to “Dez Bryant says he’s visiting the Browns next week

  1. Honestly, it would be pretty pathetic if the Browns made him an offer after this. Take the hint, Dorsey. This is the kind of maturity you can expect 24-7 from this guy.

  2. No visit, no contract, no phone communication and he’s already a locker room distraction. The Browns should pay him to stay away.

  3. Have a gut feeling the way John Dorsey has moved so far this year”off season”+ knowing JOHNS background. The Browns might turn the corner,AND make it to the playoffs.
    ADDING DEZ would solidify that thought.

  4. Hope runs eternal in the Factory of Sadness.
    Dez? After the slow, washed up child snuffed his cigar out on Cleveland’s forehead? Really?

  5. Why would they even be interested any longer since he couldn’t even return a phone call? Sign somebody else.

  6. I’m soaking in those stripeless Browns helmets. They look really good. I hope they consider that for an official change. Simple is elegant.

  7. I hope Dez can get his act together. However I don’t think
    he can be a top player in the run. No organization in the
    NFL attempts to allow a player to maximize his potential.
    In fact, Jerry Jones has been criticized for years for his
    gambling on players like Dez and Gregory well
    Terrell Owens in the past.
    Many fans do not like Jerry Jones, but if you look at his track
    record he has been a tremendous NFL owner who has treated his
    players extemely well under the CBA.
    Jerry Jones has gone out of his way to help players like Dez to be successful.
    If one examined Dez Bryant’s family upbringing one would understand.
    Dez did not grow up like many fellow players and Dez should be
    commended for how he achieved.
    Given that ..The Cowboys should also be commended for trying to understand
    Dez and work with him. It is obvious that the Jones family did their best, only
    to lose to Dez’s failure to keep working as a player and to not allow his
    off the field behavior intefere with his ability. Dez lost that battle. He stopped
    doing what is needed to be a top wide receiver. Remember the Jones family
    made a commitment to Dez….Dez failed them.
    Dez has no one to blame. He may under the right QB be a short term
    success but in the long run, if yiu cannot be successful under the Jones
    family, ultimately it will catch up to you.

  8. Didn’t he tweet that he “…needed to get himself right…” before going on visits? Stay away Cleveland.

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