Myles Garrett makes a tackle in punt coverage (Actually it was David Njoku)


Plenty of frontline players are sitting out around the league as 24 teams take part in preseason action on Thursday, but the Browns are playing everybody on hand against the Giants.

That includes defensive end Myles Garrett. And punt coverage team member Myles Garrett.

Garrett tackled Giants punt returner Hunter Sharp for a three-yard loss near the end of the first quarter in a somewhat surprising cameo given the 55 snaps he played on special teams during his rookie season. Time will tell whether it was just a cameo or if the Browns plan to expand Garrett’s portfolio this season.

Garrett had another tackle on defense and jumped offside to draw a penalty earlier in the game.

UPDATE 8:30 p.m. ET: A closer review of the tape shows that it was tight end David Njoku and not Garrett. Apologies for the error.