Ryan Tannehill returns to game action, 606 days later


Much has been said in recent days about the looming return of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who last played football 585 days ago. It’s been even longer for Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

As noted by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Tannehill last played on December 11, 2016 — a full Zebco-reel 606 days ago.

The streak ends tonight, when Tannehill (according to Salguero) starts the preseason opener against the Buccaneers. As one source said to Salguero regarding the prospect of Tannehill starting, “Why wouldn’t he?

“I feel like I did before everything happened, so I feel good,” Tannehill has said, according to Salguero.

What happened was a left knee injury on a low hit from then-Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell, which left Tannehill with an MCL injury and a slightly torn ACL. The team opted against reconstruction of the ACL, which doesn’t heal on its own. And then, last August 3, Tannehill tore the ACL without contact during a training-camp practice.

He’s returning with a brace on the knee.

“I wouldn’t say it limits me,” Tannehill said, according to Salguero. “It’s a bit cumbersome, but it doesn’t limit me from doing anything. I ran in the offseason with it, did all the drills with it and everything, so you get used to it and it becomes like second nature.”

The Dolphins hope it’s second nature for Tannehill to play quarterback again. He played very well in 2016, and the team quietly expected that he’d break through to the proverbial next level last year.

Fans remain skeptical about the 2012 top-10 draft pick who has yet to become what he was expected to be. This very well could be the year that it finally happens for Tannehill.

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  1. Its sad that the patriots still have the best two quarter backs in the AFC East, even after trading Jimmy G. Hoyer is like the Goat compared to Tannebum

  2. The team did not opt out of surgery. That was 100% Tannehill decision to seek treatment in Europe while ignoring team doctors advising him to have the ACL repaired surgically.

  3. My old memory was that Dr. Andrews told him he could rehap, or have surgery. He choose rehap.This is a new year, how about we wait and see what happens. Bill

  4. I’m pulling for him. He was raw when drafted and thrown into the fire right away by a horrible coach and horrible offensive coordinators/schemes. Gase comes in who is a QB friendly coach and RT showed great strides from prior years. He got hurt on a low hit and has been out ever since. I look forward to seeing his play this year because if his growth with Gase was any indication of his potential the Fins will be fine. If not,time to move on.

  5. Tannehill played well when he had a decent Oline in front of him. Most of his career the Oline Miami has had has been terrible.

    I haven’t paid any attention to what the Fins have done this offseason. Hey Miami fans, what shape is your Oline in these days? Is it any better than past years?

  6. A knee brace is like shoulder pads … they add weight and restrict movement to a degree, but you forget all about that once you’re on the playing field and the ball is snapped.

    It sounds like Ryan has rehabbed himself back to a good place … and the line should be stronger with Sitton and Kilgore added.

    Tonight will give the fans an early look at all of the hopes and kool-aid we’ve been fed by management (again) in the off season. I guess that’s true for all teams and fans …

    Welcome back football!!! I’ve missed you!!!It’s a Loooong 6 months….

  7. After all these years its still a question mark about the O-line. I’ll believe improvement when I see it and that hasn’t happened yet.

  8. It won’t matter because the O-line won’t keep the QB from getting blasted every other play!
    And you can blame Mike Tannenboob for the lack of a quality O-line, except for Tunsil, they are barely mediocre & couldn’t block a 90 year old woman in a wheelchair !

  9. My fellow Dolphin fan excuses on why Tannehill has never improved since 2012……

    He wasn’t a pure QB coming out of college
    The offensive line
    Joe Philbin
    Bill Lazor
    Mike Sherman
    Bad WR’s (even with Jarvis Landry)
    Bad RB’s (even with Reggie Bush, Ajayi & Lamar Miller)
    Patriots in the same division
    Too many December cold games

    Its always someone else’s fault but never ever Ryan’s, SMH….

  10. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    August 9, 2018 at 3:43 pm
    My fellow Dolphin fan excuses on why Tannehill has never improved since 2012……
    Pssst…hey, troll, Tannehill has improved every year in some measurable capacity. That said, he was at a disadvantage until Gase showed up. Philbin and his OCs all wanted Tannehill to run the play as called without modification…no matter what. That means he could not audible at the line even if he saw something obvious. Think about that. If a run to the right was called, a run to the right was executed…even if the WR on the left was completely uncovered and the right side of the field was stacked. An argument can be made that Tannehill didn’t give them the confidence to allow him to change the play at the line but with Queasy Phil at the helm there might have been SOME leeway if it was Rodgers or Brady. I have never heard a Tannehill supporter blame December games or bad RBs. Play calling and the perpetually inept offensive line were the main excuses given and it is pretty hard to argue that they didn’t matter.

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