Todd Bowles doesn’t think Sam Darnold is far behind


When quarterback Sam Darnold signed his rookie deal a few days into training camp, Jets coach Todd Bowles said he needed to put his head down to concentrate on catching up on what he’s missed.

It’s been over a week since Darnold arrived and the team is set for their preseason opener on Friday against the Falcons, which made it a moment to check in with Bowles about the first-round pick’s progress.

“It’s hard to tell,” Bowles said in comments distributed by the team. “That is hard to tell. I think he’s caught up on what he does offensively, as well as Josh and Teddy, but the defensive packages go in every day too.  So, he’s not seeing the base, he’s just getting caught up on the base three days that the defense has put in and get used to seeing everything. But like I said, he is sharp and he studies and I don’t see him behind as far as catching up mentally.”

Bowles didn’t say how the quarterback work would break down on Friday beyond saying Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater will all be ready to go.

Darnold took the most reps in Wednesday’s practice and figures to see a lot of time as he works to close whatever gap remains with his veteran teammates. Bridgewater would seem to be a good bet to play more than McCown both because of how little he’s played the last two years and because the team may want to see if there’s trade interest in him before the preseason is out.

4 responses to “Todd Bowles doesn’t think Sam Darnold is far behind

  1. The Jets being the typical NYJ are going to throw this kid in before he’s ready week 1 & end up ruining him putting a big dent in his confidence, when their is no reason to throw him in week 1 as they have McCown and are not going anywhere this season anyway. If they’re smart they will sit Darnold the first half of the season, but then again the Jets decision makers have proven time and time again they are not smart.

  2. ryann252013 says:
    August 9, 2018 at 8:06 am
    Anyone who’s been following Jets camp knows that Darnold has looked like the best QB out of this years class so far.

    Uh, no he has not , not even close. Both Mayfield and Josh Rosen have looked better especially Rosen who is far more advanced mentally and a more accurate thrower throwing with far more precise timing, anticipation and accuracy. Darnold just got into camp last week, Rosen has been running the first team offense since OTA’s and has been switching back and fourth with Bradford in camp.

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