Colts lose rookie receiver Deon Cain to torn ACL

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Colts wide receiver Deon Cain will miss his entire rookie season after suffering a torn ACL during Thursday night’s preseason game.

Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich announced this afternoon that Cain is done for the year.

A sixth-round draft pick out of Clemson, Cain had gained significant attention during training camp as a player who was impressing the coaching staff. The Colts were expecting Cain to be a contributor on the offense as a rookie.

The 22-year-old Cain, a very talented player whose draft stock slipped because of some off-field issues, was hurt after the first catch of his preseason debut.

Cain was one of two highly regarded rookie playmakers in the NFL who suffered torn ACLs on Thursday night. Washington also lost rookie running back Derrius Guice for the year with a torn ACL.

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  1. For those against the preseason, how many serious injuries would occur if they went straight from training camp to the regular season? I guarantee there would many more injuries to star and potential star players for longer periods.

  2. That is too bad…two rookies and neither gets too step on to the field for the first time (in a meaningful game) as a pro for another full year. Watched both in College and had Cain as a “super sleeper” in Fantasy this year…watched him in Clemson, he has talent; hopefully they heal up and are ready to go come next season.

  3. As a Colts fan, I know it’s the turf. I don’t have empirical evidence, and I haven’t researched data to probe my theory, but there have been a ton of guys injured on that playing surface. Lots of acls.

  4. Injuries are always going to happen, especially with how finely tuned these athletes bodies are nowadays. Pre-season games dont count but they certainly arent useless.

  5. I’d love to see the actual stats on it, but i swear there are far more injuries since they reduced the number of practices and stopped hitting in practice.

    These practices now are a waste of time. Ever since they cut practice, the first 3 weeks of regular season has become the equivalent of what preseason used to be.

    Players are half speed in these soft practices and then they are supposed to just flip a switch on Sunday and go full speed, full contact. Their bodies aren’t conditioned.

    You can have full contact practices without the major collisions. Practice etiquette is that you tackle but you don’t blow up your teammate. You get accustomed to protecting against hits. Almost like a stunt man who is trained to fall down a flight of stairs without getting hurt.

    Even casual fans have seen the quality of play slip dramatically the past few years. Get back to real practices.

  6. The seeming increase in preseason injuries the last few years is a direct result of the reduced offseason workload on the players. Their conditioning compared to what the harder work they had to do under the last CBA leaves them vulnerable to injuries, and it would be better for them to agree to restore that workload in the next CBA negotiations.

  7. So many injuries in the preseason that’s why I can’t stand preseason games… Sure it’s important to narrow down the roster but hearing of all these torn ACLs is awful

  8. artificial surfaces coupled with how tightly strung the athlete’s ligaments are is a recipe for disaster. theres no answer, other than having them not be workout warriors, but thats just silly

  9. I called Saul says:

    August 10, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    Unfortunate but nothing is stopping Luck’s comeback tour

    Except for bad Luck.

  10. This spate of ACL injuries happens every year and usually continues into October.

    I agree with the posters questioning the “soft” practices … and hate it for the athletes who have now lost a year.

  11. But I thought the NFL was so concerned about player safety??? What could go wrong in four throwaway games when players are still getting their bodies right?

  12. I hate when people say preseason is pointless. How would you judge rookies? Camp where they can’t really hit anyone? If you dont understand the point of preseason maybe you shouldn’t watch football. Just a thought.

  13. Ever since they cut practice, the first 3 weeks of regular season has become the equivalent of what preseason used to be

    I agree. I think the regulars should get a series or two in all the preseason games, but no coach wants to take the risk of having a big name go down, knowing he’ll get roasted for it.

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