Derrius Guice wanted more than three carries


Washington is holding its breath for the results of an MRI to be performed today on running back Derrius Guice‘s knee. As it turns out, Guice had no problem with the notion of embracing the risk of potential injury in his unofficial NFL debut.

“You can see that he’s a guy that he doesn’t like to carry the ball three times,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters after the preseason opener. “He needs to carry the ball 15 times. He actually told me before the game, ‘I don’t want it three times. If you’re going to give it to me three times don’t even put me in.’ So we tried to get it going for him and he popped a long run and unfortunately I think he’s got a leg thing that got caught up in the turf. It’s just one of those unlucky plays that unfortunately happens to all players from time to time. So hopefully it’s nothing, but if it is I’m sure Derrius will rehab it and get himself back.”

Guice finished with six carries for 19 yards; a penalty wiped out the long run that ended with an injury.

“This is a tough game and you hate to see anybody get hurt on any team, really, but especially on your own team,” Gruden said. “You see the way these guys have been working in practice and all of that stuff and limping around is not good. You know, that’s football and we have to obviously adjust and that’s why we have other players and backups and rookies and all of that.”

The one thing that is real about football games that aren’t real is the injuries. We know they’re going to happen; we just don’t know who or when or how long the players will be out. In some instances, it can undermine a team’s entire season.

For Washington, it remains to be seen whether their second-round draft pick will miss time. And when he’s ready to go again, it’s clear that he’s willing to put himself right back in harm’s way.