Dez Bryant needs to get on a team, as soon as possible

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The time for being coy or picky or aloof is over. If receiver Dez Bryant wants to make an impact in 2018, and if he hopes to lay the foundation to make a bunch of money in 2019, he needs to sign with a new team. Now.

Sure, the Cowboys screwed Dez by not cutting him in March, when he could have landed with the Ravens before the Ravens signed Michael Crabtree. Once Dez became available in April, the Ravens were still interested, but Dez had less leverage because the Ravens already had Crabtree.

Nearly four months later, Dez has missed the offseason program, and two-plus weeks of training camp have transpired. Week One of the preseason is upon us. With each passing day, his chances of being ready and able to contribute this year are getting slimmer and slimmer.

A first-round pick of the Cowboys in 2010, Dez has spent his entire career playing one position in one offense. As the X receiver in Jason Garrett’s attack, Bryant hasn’t moved around, he hasn’t worked with other quarterbacks, he hasn’t worked with other coaches. He hasn’t ever learned a new offense, other than the one he learned eight years ago.

He’ll be trying to learn plays, concepts, terminology on the fly, while also getting to know teammates and coaches, getting acquainted with a new workplace in a new city while he finds new living arrangements. And it all will be happening with a sense of urgency that keeps getting stronger and stronger.

The good news is he’ll visit the Browns next week. But what if they offer him something like the one-year, $1.9 million package the Patriots gave receiver Eric Decker? Will Dez take it, will he demand more, will he walk away and wait for someone else to come up with something better?

The longer he waits, the harder it will be to get the money he wants now, and to have the kind of year that will get him paid a lot of money later. It already may be too late for Dez to make a true difference, but it’s only going to be harder as the start of the regular season gets closer.

The Browns seem to want him. He may not want them, because he may not view them as a contender. But if he waits for a team he views as a contender, he may end up waiting a long time.

26 responses to “Dez Bryant needs to get on a team, as soon as possible

  1. The Browns are more of a contender than any team Jason Garrett has ever coached.

    On the other hand, how many ACLs got torn in the first week of preseason? It may well be that if he waits another week, he’ll have three or four teams fighting over his services.

  2. Massengils… he is disposable to the league. No team wants a cancer in the locker room. Picture this: [once signed] Dez isn’t having a career year. Does he take it silently? Or does he start talking about not being targeted, or the poor system, or the QB? Yeah you know he will.

  3. When you add it all up, his career is over. He thinks he is worth more than he is, he can’t get separation and he is dumb as a bag of rocks.

    Not a good combo. He was always overrated and a waste of a 1st rd pick.

  4. The Dolphins should cut Stills + Wilson and sign Dez … they have plenty of speed with Grant in the receiver room.

  5. Reminder: Bryant didn’t sign with Baltimore because they wanted to lock him in on a cuttable three-year deal at a less-than-elite salary, not because of a lack of leverage or the presence of Crabtree. He wants a one year deal, period.

  6. Sign with the Browns Dez! If you learn and run the routes Baker will get the ball to you! Forget the revenge crap, it will only hurt you!

  7. He turned down the Ravens. If he hadn’t done that he’d already be on a team. I can’t see anyone waiting in line to sign a guy who can’t even return a phone call but spends his time on Twitter talking about it instead.

  8. Well maybe he is not sweating it, keep in mind he has made more money than the average NFL player most dont get that blockbuster deal and are first round picks to boot hence why he doesnt look pressed.

  9. tylawspick6 says:
    August 10, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    Not a good combo. He was always overrated and a waste of a 1st rd pick.
    With the 24th pick in the 1st round and based on his career stats, your assertion as a waste of a 1st round pick is a bad take. He may be done, it’s clear he’s not a genius, but he played well and considering you (a number of times) didn’t have kind words to say about Romo years previous it’s hard to see where those stats come from is they are both bad.

  10. Let’s be real, peeps: Dez Bryant is worth far more than Eric Decker lol

    Eric Decker (8 years in): 5,816 YDs/53 TDs
    Dez Bryant (8 years in): 7,459 YDs/73 TDs
    Demaryius Thomas (8 years in): 8,653 YDs/57 TDs

  11. Another guy I don’t care about.

    Just don’t come to the Patriots…we are a winning organization that doesn’t abide losers or troublemakers.

  12. “He wants to play for a winner – but winners don’t want anything to do with him”

    Response: True.

    BUT his salary will be high for one-year compared to the same level of performance a much lower $ figure will provide from a younger player subject to the “slotting” minimum salary mandated within the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    I don’t know the exact $ figures, but if Des is, say, an 8 or 9 year veteran (?), then he’d command nearly $1M minimum, whereas a rookie or 2nd year player would demand less than $500K minimum.

  13. razzlejag says:
    August 10, 2018 at 8:02 pm
    Another guy I don’t care about.

    Just don’t come to the Patriots…we are a winning organization that doesn’t abide losers or troublemakers.

    If Dez does have anything of his old self in the tank he is no loser. And after Belichick has had Moss and Bennett tow the line I think he can gandle Dez.


    If Dez wants a lot if guaranteed mobey this conversation ends right here. And even if he was reason able the Patriots do not look like they need to add. Based on what I saw last night Hollister, Izzo, Tye, and Lucian should be filling slots before they would need to go looking at Dez. (I know the first three are TE but they are pass catchers Belichick can make goid use of.)

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