Kelvin Benjamin “wasn’t even trying to listen” to Cam Newton

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton passed on the opportunity to respond to Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin in the days leading up to Thursday’s preseason game between the teams, but he took his chance to do so during pregame warmups.

Benjamin wasn’t as willing to listen. Newton approached his former teammate while Benjamin was chatting with Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, who “walked away to allow them the opportunity to talk things out.” As captured on video by Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer, Benjamin showed little interest in listening to what Newton had to say and said after the game that he didn’t know what Newton was trying to say.

“I wasn’t even trying to listen,” Benjamin said, via the Panthers website.

Benjamin said he’s “moving on” after saying in a recent interview that he didn’t feel a good fit with the Panthers and that he would have had more success “if you would’ve put me with any other quarterback.” Newton, who said he wouldn’t go back and forth with Benjamin in his only public response, didn’t talk to reporters after the game.

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  1. you can tell the dude can’t even look Cam in the eye. his body language is telling, I’d bet that he’ll be unemployed in a year or 2. Kelvin’s not a high character guy and he’s the same guy who claims to have tanked the combine so he could fall enough in the draft to be taken by the Panthers. careful what you wish for.

  2. I’m not a Cam fan but Benjamin could learn how to better handle these situations. Spouting off controversy and refusing to talk it out is not a good look.

  3. So Benjamin makes all these comments about Cam, then when Cam wants to talk to him about it man to man, Benjamin shuts it down? Interesting way to go through life.

    Makes me wonder whether Benjamin was listening to Cam when they were teammates. If he had the same attitude then thats probably a big reason why he didn’t progress as a player, I mean, besides being lazy and out of shape…..

  4. Say what you want about Cam, but he decided not to get into a war of words thru the media and instead went up to talk to him face to face. Kelvin clearly wasn’t comfortable telling him to his face. I’m not much of a fan of Cam, but he handled this like a man…Kelvin handled it like a chump.

  5. Can Newton is a child. I won’t forget the play that turned my opinion of him – he scores a rushing touchdown, and his teammates run over to celebrate with him but he waives them off so he can do his Superman thing for a camera, taking all of the credit.

  6. Okay, so now you have your wish granted, but you will still rank last among your fellow 2014 Draft Class 1st Round peers, e.g., OBJ, Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks. You were never HOF-caliber like OBJ to begin with, chump lol

  7. WOW! How ignorant can KBenji get? He clearly spoke to and responded to Cam in the video yet he claims he knows nothing? I guess when he was confronted by Cam he changed his tune.
    Hey, he is allowed to have his opinion… no problem… but when confronted by reality and truth or even Cam’s statistics, his argument lost all weight.
    KBenji was a mistake pick IMO for the Panthers. They needed significant WR help but he never provided much other than rookie season, then injuries took him away.

  8. No class, and a terrible move by Benjamin in a contract year. Guy better hope he produces, which will be easier said than done with either AJ McCarron or Josh Allen throwing him the ball.

  9. Kelvin was a big man cheap shotting Cam like a twitter troll. Then when Cam confronts him he won’t even talk? No respect. Cam is a way better QB than Kelvin is a WR. Much respect to Cam.

  10. Sounds about right…run your mouth until actually confronted by the person face to face, then have nothing to say…sounds about right.

  11. Had a lot to say a few days ago. Cam approaches you man to man, and all of a sudden you have nothin to say, huh? I’m not gonna use the word I want to use to describe Kelvin Benjamin.

  12. I watched that video. That’s pretty lame of Benjamin; he has so much to say to everyone else about Newton, but when Newton comes up to him directly Benjamin cant even look Newton in his face and has nothing to say.

  13. Benjamin is not wrong. Newton is a terrible passer. At the same time, Benjamin has to put it behind him and focus on being successful on his new team. Plenty of players suffer from being on the wrong team on in the wrong situation. The best ones skyrocket when given a fresh chance to define themselves as players.

  14. I’m not a Cam Newton fan, however – he was MAN enough to walk up to Benjamin and discuss man to man and Kelvin didn’t want any of it. B move if you ask me.

  15. Everyone criticizing Benjamin for “the way” he did it, should thank him. No one, not even cretins like Colin Cowherd categorically point out what an embarrassment Newton is to the position. The how he’s never progressed as a passer to his selfish, childish behavior when the team needs for him to lead the most.

    I’m not a Panther’s fan.. have no dog in the race, but I don’t like watching that Circus act any more than Benjamin did living it!

  16. Gotta side with Benjamin on this one. Every time I hear Sham Newtons name all I see is a 6’5″ 250lb quarterback bailing from a scrum for a loose football in the SuperBowl…just brutal

    MVP? Hardly. Fig Newton showed what kind of player and leader he was on that play.

    Soft, soft soft.

  17. Two guys with very big egos. I hope Cam’s relationship is better with his current receivers. That was an awkward interaction; it’s clear Benjamin doesn’t respect him. I remember thinking the Bills got a steal on Benjamin. It’s clear now, why. He didn’t want to be there.

  18. Well…

    Benjamin was at least listening to all the Hot Dogs, Pancakes and Chicken wings last year when he ate himself out of Charlotte.

  19. I don’t know why Kelvin Benjamin is blaming Cam. Was it Cam’s fault that he showed up to minicamp weighing 300 pounds last year?

    I like Kelvin Benjamin though. I remember Kaepernick begging Baalke to find a way to draft him, but of course Baalke didn’t listen. Baalke couldn’t draft a good WR if his life depended on it.

  20. Maybe there is some back story of Cam being very disrespectful to KB when he was in Carolina? But until we know that story, KB just looks like a major toolbag.

  21. You can bash on social media but he can’t express his opinion to ya face to face like man. FSU fan here, but you’re a punk. I don’t care if you caught the winning pass to seal the championship.

  22. Benjamin just showed how childish he is. If you can’t have a conversation with someone over something you disagree with then you have the maturity of a three-year old.

  23. Interesting how all you “Clam” fans are seeing this video…what I see is “Clam” walking up to Benjamin and bumping him then getting in his face/space and Benjamin walking away because he doesnt want to get into “Clams” childish way of dealing with their issue….by the way the only a guy like “Clam” refuses to dive on a fumble quits on his team in a SB……

  24. General opinion of both of these guys seems to be very low in regards to them as players and their character.

    I tend to agree with both of those low opinions on each of them.

    Keep Pounding and Let’s Go Buffalo!! This middle school melodrama is courtesy of two also-ran organizations with a combined ZERO Lombardi trophies. Makes sense, does it not…

  25. I’m not a huge Cam fan, but he comes out looking a whole lot better here apparently trying to work things out like an adult. Benjamin not acting like much of a pro.

  26. “Cam Newton is an awful QB just look at the Super Bowl”

    Yeah! Just look at his performance in the Super Bowl that he led his team to with an MVP season!

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