Mitchell Trubisky: No excuse for sloppy offense

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Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was one of many Bears offensive starters to sit out the Hall of Fame Game, so his first preseason action of the year came against the Bengals on Thursday night.

Several other key players, including running back Jordan Howard and wide receiver Allen Robinson, did not play against Cincinnati, but Trubisky said that was no excuse for a performance he felt was not up to the unit’s standards. Trubisky was 2-of-4 for four yards, took a sack and the offense gained four total yards during its two drives with the quarterback.

“Our standards are higher that we expect to be better,” Trubisky said, via NBC Sports Chicago. “No excuse for first preseason game. We have a bunch of experienced guys from last year, so there shouldn’t be any jitters. Maybe guys were excited, but it’s very simple — come out here, do your job, do exactly what we were doing in practice. We practiced our butts off this week. We just came out here and were sloppy.”

Coach Matt Nagy was a bit more forgiving as he called it “hard to judge off of eight plays” and said it will be fun to “let them get into a rhythm” in the weeks to come. Trubisky vowed “it will be better” as that happens and the Bears’ chances for an improved record will be tied to whether that proves to be the case.

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  1. There’s also no excuse for Coach Nagys bald head followed by a bald hat look. It’s not just a weird look. Its a stupid look.

    No excuse for Chase Daniel being the backup QB.

    And lastly no excuse for Ryan Pace still employed as a GM.

  2. Lots of last year’s issues still seem to be carrying over. Dropped passes, offense can’t find the end zone, defense can’t get off the field on 3rd and longs, too many free yards given up in penalties. The Bears starting OL and LBs in particular were getting rolled by the Bengals 1’s. It’s early in the Nagy regime but signs of real progress are still few and far between.

  3. Every year since 1980, same stuff…Bears preseason games are blown out of proportion. Win or lose, doesn’t matter. Just a reminder, the 85 Bears looked terrible in preseason and went 1-3. They struggled in many early games in the regular season too. Don’t throw in the towel this early.

  4. This QB is not a veteran , he needs all the game reps he can get. Remember he only played one season in college. oh I forgot they have no backups worth beans so they need to keep the so called starter healthy….

  5. He was two of four, (two passes to Kevin White for the record).. one he stumbled (looked like defensive interference) on (deep pass first play) and the other right in the numbers he just dropped. Didn’t help on his only other series they ran the ball twice for a gain of one yard and put the kid in a 3rd and 9.

    Come on man everyone is blowing this out of proportion. He didn’t play with Cohen, Miller, Robinson, or Howard.

    Too many people trip to easily.

  6. Lol everyone gets all up in arms over preseason!

    The 13-3 season that eventually ended in the super bowl they lost every preseason game. Everyone was a crying then also…. Just saying.

  7. thefappingbearcutler says:
    August 10, 2018 at 10:54 am
    I can’t wait till the regular season and he’s officially being the int machine we know he is. Bear’s fans have been sold a false bill of goods.
    Stafford threw 7 more INT’s than TD’s his first year and he seems to have come through it just fine. Of course, I don’t study QB’s and mechanics like you do, and you’ve apparently watched a lot of tape on Trubisky.

  8. >>Trubisky was 2-of-4 for four yards, took a sack

    Thats pretty bad but lets see where he is at the end of the season.
    By then we’ll have a much better idea of what he’ll become.
    Goff improved a lot maybe Mitch will too.

  9. Trubisky was not ready when he was thrust into the mess that is the Bears offense. It may be too late to help him. This season will tell.

  10. “Just a reminder, the 85 Bears looked terrible in preseason and went 1-3. They struggled in many early games in the regular season too.”

    They had also played in the NFC Championship Game the year before. In other words, they had earned the benefit of the doubt, no matter how they looked in the preseason.

    These Bears have something to prove.

  11. So, I wonder what Troy Aikmans stats were his rookie year?? Let’s see….

    1749 yds 9tds 18ints and sacked 19 times…. They totally shoulda thrown in the towel on that guy

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