Sean McDermott: All three QBs did some really good things

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The Bills got their first look at their three quarterbacks in game action on Thursday night and all three led touchdown drives during their time against the Panthers.

Nathan Peterman was up first and went 9-of-10 with an interception to go with his touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin before giving way to AJ McCarron. McCarron, who has been alternating first team work with Peterman in practice, was 7-of-10 for 116 yards and rookie Josh Allen closed the game out.

Allen was 9-of-19 for 116 yards and a touchdown and showed the big arm that tantalized the Bills and other teams heading into the draft. Those throws weren’t always right on the money, but the raw talent is one of the good things that head coach Sean McDermott saw during the game.

“I thought all three guys certainly had things to work on, but to your point, I thought all three did some really good things,” McDermott said, via “As you mentioned earlier, all three of them [led a touchdown drive], which is good from a confidence standpoint, if nothing else. All three moved the ball at times. I liked the energy around all three. That’s one of the pluses coming out of the game.”

McDermott was asked if McCarron would start against the Browns next Friday night and the coach said he’d take “a good, hard look” at the film before making any decisions.

11 responses to “Sean McDermott: All three QBs did some really good things

  1. It’s going to be and interesting season. As for Josh, he was working with the 3rd string. Two of the passes would have been touchdowns but the receiver on one slowed himself by looking for the ball for 20 yards and not running. The other time the flag was thrown and he stopped, then was oh it’s in play? And started again. Both were feet away from the hands as a result. I would love to see him play with the full starting team. I like this kid, he’s got what it takes. Peterman also has come a long way. And let’s rem that Kelly even threw a lot of interceptions too. Not that we want it but it happens when new.

  2. Allen threw a 70 yard bomb to Foster that was out of bounds. It was into the wind. The kids got talent, I really want to see him with Roster players instead of camp bodies though. I was pleasantly surprised by all 3, and as long as the 2 vets continue moving the ball like they have, Allen will have plenty of time to learn his craft.

  3. I get it, your a defensive coach and you take a game by game approach to QB’s but please coach don’t let it be the reason you get fired. Just pick a guy and go with em. and if you have to make changes during season do so but stop acting like it’s a minute by minute competition.

  4. Who ever said “if you have 2 or 3 QB’s you dont have a QB” probably wants to re think that point of view. Peterman & McCarron both looked very good. Allen for being so raw is looking pretty good. He throws a completed laser 40 yards off of his back foot and his first pass that went 65 yards in the air…. he slung it like it was a 25 yard pass with very little effort…..

  5. I agree with the Coach’s assessment 100%. If only all 3 could get some more snaps with the #1 Offense. Bills may be in better shape at QB than the “experts” have been predicting. And, Josh Allen looks like the real deal.

  6. rabidbillsfan says:
    August 10, 2018 at 9:07 am
    Allen threw a 70 yard bomb to Foster that was out of bounds.

    It was 60 yards (18–>22). And would have netted 55 yards. Was a nice toss, except that it really wasn’t because it was 2 yards out of bounds. He did some good things. That throw wasn’t really one of them. The 25 yard missile to McCloud was nice. Ray-Ray wasn’t open when he threw the ball and he zipped it right past Carter.

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