Young Packers receivers have mixed night after Aaron Rodgers criticism


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers ripped into some of the team’s young receivers for poor effort in practice this week and his comments seemed to hit home with fifth-round pick Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

Valdes-Scantling wasn’t singled out by Rodgers, but he wasn’t one of the three receivers who the quarterback praised so it doesn’t take much to read between the lines. Valdes-Scantling caught five passes for 101 yards and a touchdown against the Titans on Thursday night and said after the game that he took what Rodgers, who didn’t play, said to heart.

“That’s our quarterback,” Valdes-Scantling said, via “So whenever he says we’re not doing a good job, we have to own up to it and say, ‘OK, we have to be better.’ Came out the next practice and we were definitely better. But you know when the leader says you’ve got to pick it up, that’s what you do. He’s one of the greatest to ever do it, so whatever he says we have to go out and do it.”

Sixth-round pick Equanimeous St. Brown also didn’t get any kind words from Rodgers and caught four passes for 61 yards. Jake Kumerow, who did get a positive review, had three catches for 76 yards and a touchdown, but fourth-round pick J'Mon Moore wasn’t quite as sharp. He dropped a couple of passes over the course of the evening.

“A rough start,” Moore said. “My whole life has been about how you finish things. Just take it day by day and move forward. Definitely going put a fire up underneath me, so I’m going to move forward for sure, but it’s definitely going to put a fire up underneath me and definitely have me dig deeper.”

The group will get another chance to make an impression against the Steelers next Thursday.

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  1. Saw some promise from all the backup QBs, Oren Burks looks like the real deal as a speedy middle LB, blowing up a screen pass and being where he needed to be. Josh Jackson followed up a lukewarm camp with a good showing, blanketing his receiver. That PI call wouldn’t have happened in a real game… I’ve seen Vikings CBs get away with much worse.

    All in all, it was a good learning experience and the people I thought would step up stepped up. I hope to see some more starters at next week’s game.

  2. Well, it was definitely your typical mixed bag first exhibition game of the season.
    There was your good, some bad, and a whole lot of ugly.

    It was good to see a couple of the young receivers bounce back.
    St. Brown and MVS each had a nice night.
    Their combination of size and speed showed through.

    Kumerow looked especially promising, though I still believe he faces an uphill battle to the final roster.
    He should have had a 2nd TD earlier in the game if Boyle leads him properly. He had his man beat off the line.
    I can see why Rodgers has been campaigning for him since the first day of camp.

    J’Mon Moore was absolutely brutal with his drops, and Byron Bell was equally as bad on the O-line.
    TE, E. Byrd had a night to forget.
    All these guys really played piss poor.

    If Q. Rollins is the only other option at punt return, Travis Davis already has a roster spot locked up.

    Defense still having it’s difficulty getting off the field on 3rd downs and too many self inflicted mistakes (Quentin Rollins, anyone?) and numerous penalties gives way to the realization that real work still needs to be done on that side of the ball.

    All three QBs looked good, not great, but I will say that Deshone Kizer has a much livelier arm than I ever gave him credit for.
    Poised, lightning release, though his overall accuracy still needs some work.
    He’s very intriguing and Hundley definitely has his hands full in his battle for the backup position.
    Tim Boyle looks like he will be a very nice project to stash on the practice squad.

  3. Jake Kumerow is impressive. He reminds me of Julian Edelman or maybe Cole Beasley. Not a speed burner but the quick moves and how he uses his body to make space from a defender making that cut to go across the middle.

    I like him.

  4. Valdes-Scantling, St. Brown, Moore, and Kumerow all have the talent to play in the league, but they can’t all play for the Packers. Valdes-Scantling looks like a gamer. If they keep 3, at this point Moore would be the odd man out, even though he has the best collegiate pedigree.

  5. St Brown looks like he belongs. I get it that it was up against a secondary that wouldn’t even see the field for the Titans but his speed and acceleration were evident. Unlike a certain 1st round bust to the West.

  6. Don’t count out J’Mon Moore yet. I think this performance will motivate him. His talent can not be denied.

    EQ St. Brown is probably my personal fav of the 3 rooks, but Scantling is growing on me.

    I disagree that the top 7 can not be kept, but we can agree to disagree.








    I like that group and I think Gute will too. Keep 1 FB. Keep 2 QB’s. And with Aaron Jones roster spot being open till week 3 it can easily be done.

  7. I attribute much of last nights success from the team and the coaching staff to nutrition and conditioning – the healthier WI lifestyle.

    Thank you to all the competent health care and conditioning professionals in our great state for helping make it possible.

  8. I was waiting for Waffle to say where is Trevor Davis in your 7?😉

    Do you now see why Trevor is needed on this team? Rollins would be a disaster returning kicks. The only other guy I’ve seen as a returner in practice is Ty Montgomery. They are not going to use Jaire to return kicks. He is close to winning the slot CB spot and he needs to keep doing what he is doing there with no other distractions. Too valuable to risk injury returning kicks.

  9. “freefromwhatyouare says:
    August 10, 2018 at 12:22 pm
    Don’t count out J’Mon Moore yet…His talent can not be denied…”


    Yeah, but he drops the ball alot.

  10. “Yeah but he drops the ball a lot”


    Even good players have bad games sometimes. If he has a similar performance the next 3 pre season games we can talk.

    Not the time to turn on the panic sirens and label him J’Mon ‘No Hands’ Moore.

    Keep your eyes on him the next 3 and then let me know if we should cut him😏

  11. magnumpimustache says:
    August 10, 2018 at 9:23 am

    Aaron Rodgers needs to go exercise his collar bone.

    Another purple fan commemorating the greatest moment in the 57 year history of the Viking franchise…

  12. When 3 out of 4 WR’s that Rodgers (essentially) called out performed amazing in their first preseason game ‘mixed night’ seems like a foolish headline. Lol. Nice reporting

  13. cheeseisfattening says:
    August 10, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Welcome to the Packers Hall of Fame Marquez Valdes-Scantling after that performance.
    And you said rookies can’t make an impact.

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