Todd Bowles: “Fights are not to be tolerated”


Before Sunday’s fight-filled practice against Washington, Jets coach Todd Bowles regarded talk of potential fisticuffs as “nonsense.” After practice, he had to address with reporters the nonsense that unfolded.

“Fights are not to be tolerated and had,” Bowles said. “We are not trying to fight them and they’re not trying to fight us. They want to be boxers and wrestlers, they probably want to be in another sport. We are trying to get better, again, they’re trying to get, we’re trying to get better. Some things happen, overzealousness, I talked to my guys and coach [Jay] Gruden talked to his guys and we’ll just have better practices tomorrow because that is just a waste of time to me.”

Bowles still found a way to try to downplay the situation.

“Everybody is professional for the most part,” Bowles said. “We thank them for having us down here, we got a lot of good work and they got a lot of good work. It was two or three instances. . . . They are not going to get any better fighting us and we’re not going to get any better fighting them.”

It will be interesting to see whether the two teams can better control themselves on Monday. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t help either team get better, fighting creates an extra risk of injury.