Monday’s #PFTPM features Colts G.M. Chris Ballard

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It’s a Monday edition of #PFTPM, and this one has a full hour with one of the key NFL decision makers.

Colts G.M. Chris Ballard joined me for a one-hour, wide-ranging conversation about the Colts, his football journey, and much more.

You can hear it all below, although if you’d simply subscribe to the podcast would wouldn’t have to come here to get it. (I’m not being complete altruistic on this; if you subscribe, it helps us, too.)

So help both of us by subscribing to the podcast, by rating the podcast, and by reviewing the podcast. You can do it while listening to Monday’s podcast, which includes four codes for free downloads of the new Madden video game. They’re probably long gone by now, however, because someone who subscribes to the podcast already has surely squatted on them.

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