Raiders, Khalil Mack aren’t waiting for Aaron Donald deal

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A theory has been making the rounds regarding the lack of a contract between the Raiders and defensive end Khalil Mack. It goes like this: The Raiders and Mack are waiting for the Rams and Aaron Donald to get a deal done first.

That theory would be somewhat plausible if the Raiders and Mack were actively negotiating, trading proposals and waiting for the Donald deal to get done before landing the plane. But the Raiders and Mack haven’t talked since February, making it much harder to envision the Raiders and Mack waiting for the Donald deal to be finalized before essentially starting from scratch.

Also, why would the Raiders and Mack assume that Donald, who stayed away last year until the day before the season started, would sign early enough to allow the Raiders and Mack to get their deal done in advance of the Week One game between the Rams and Raiders? Waiting for Donald could have meant (and still could mean) following him into a regular-season holdout.

Another theory continues to linger regarding the Raiders’ financial wherewithal (or lack thereof) to sign Mack. Regardless of whether the team has the money now to pay Mack’s signing bonus — and to put into escrow all future guarantees covering 2019 and beyond — the Raiders and old/new coach Jon Gruden surely had the money in February.

But Gruden spent some $55 million in 2018 money on other players, taking a big chunk out of the budget that otherwise would/could have gone to Mack. Quite possibly, Gruden decided in February to move on to other players, when a deal wasn’t quickly done with Mack.

If so, Gruden likely now assumes that Mack will play for $13.846 million this year, and that the Raiders will simply franchise tag him next year. What remains to be seen is whether Mack shows up for Week One, or whether he’ll pass on game checks in excess of $800,000 each.

However it plays out, Gruden has publicly vowed to get Mack back. With no negotiations and possibly no money left in the 2018 budget to sign him to a long-term deal, whether Mack returns may be something that has nothing to do with anything Gruden says or does.

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  1. There’s nothing to ‘wait’ for. You cannot get ‘blood out of a turnip’. The Raiders have sent their message to Khalil Mack. Kahlil Mack is sending his message to them. This cannot help the Raiders in 2018. On the field and especially off the field. Sad. I was hoping for a huge turnaround for Oakland after so many disappointments.

  2. they control him for three more years, stop letting the media tell you any differently, he’s not going anywhere, I do wish my Bills had him because we are terrible on the edge, actually we’re horrible everywhere, especially at QB, we need Tierod back

  3. These articles crack me up. Keep pushing and praying for Mack to hold-out or get dealt. Not happening. He’s not going to miss out on that much money each week. He will report week 3 of the pre-season and be ready to roll week 1 of the regular season. At the point of him returning to the team, that’s when Reggie will resume contract talks. Just like Penn last year, Reggie has said he will negotiate with players who are at camp. So when Mack returns from hold-out, that’s when he will get a new contract.

    Worst case scenario, he returns for week 1 and plays out 5th year and then Raiders franchise him back to back years before letting him walk when he turns 30 and acquiring a comp pick for his services. The end.

  4. Obviously they are waiting or atleast they would prefer to see what the market looks like before writing a check.

    How do you know or not know if Macks team is or isnt actively negotiating? plus Mack skipping time is a negotiating tactic so that throws that entire point out the window.
    Raiders can still Franchise Mack yearly if they want but they also wanna sign him before the market spirals too the point they cant afford him anymore.

    Raiders have the money plus the ability to move money around for other players over the next few years too make sure it all works without destroying the cap.

  5. Mack for $20 million a year?


    Get a 1st and a 3rd round draft pick for him to spend on defense… and use the saved $20 million for defense!

  6. Jets should call to see about Mack’s availability. They have enormous cap room and desperately need someone on the edge. Swing this trade and the Jets D would be s force to be reckoned with.

  7. I believe the saying is you cannot get juice from a turnip. Also, you cannot get blood from a stone.

    To get blood from a turnip would be just weird.

    Regarding the subject ar hand, it blows me away that there are NFL owners who aren’t billionaires and don’t have plenty of Millions for everybody.

    Paul Allen has so much money it is ridiculous. What’s going on with the Raiders ownership?

  8. I guess the question is, do the raiders lose with him or lose without him? Either way they will move again and again and again.
    Just move baby.

  9. I stand corrected after the google. Apparently blood from a turnip is something SOME people actually try to get.*eyeroll*

    People…I tell ya.

  10. Raiders have all the leverage. They can play hardball with Mack. Mack will eventually report.

    Not the best way to treat a future HOFer but this is the ugly sife of football.

    Raiders can still wait til Donald deal gets done and flow suit.

    They can just play out the Franchise tag.

    They wait after the season to see where and which players to move on from to open salary cap space. (Irvin, Penn, ect.)

    Worst case scenario would be a trade. Oakland would never get net worth back for Mack.

  11. Oakland is not trading their best player. Once they release Penn and free up the money they need, they will sign him long term.

    I am a Bills fan, and everyone here is just waiting for the Raiders to trade him here. Not going to happen. You don’t trade one of the best players, at one of the most sought after positions in the league in the prime of his career.

  12. There’s no way the Raiders let this guy get away; he’s one of the best defensive players in the game.

  13. Come back to Buffalo khalil. Al Davis’s son with the 3 dollar haircut cant afford you but Terry Pagula can. Ralph Wilson had to bail out the lowly Raiders back in the 60’s and Pegula will probably have to bail them out again in the near future as their management continues to drive them into financial oblivion….

  14. If the two rookie tackles pan out then that big contract of penn’s for most likely his last year, might be expendable.

    Mack will return to a waive of missed game fees and a 3 mill raise of guaranteed money.

    They have that covered easily plus more. Selling more luxury suites will also pack the coffers for bonus money in the future.

    Don’t believe what the media is spewing.

  15. Coincidence that Rams are playing Raiders week 1? Donald does not sign until one day before. Mack is waiting to see his contract. Mack does not play vs. Rams. Donald plays vs. Raiders.

  16. Pure hype. Trade Mack – when Von Miller, TJ Watt or Donald gets traded then we can talk. Teams don’t trade franchise defensive players. “Come back to Buffalo” – he’s not from there people. He’s from Florida. Was Ty Detmer from Utah because be played at BYU? Nope, he is was and always will be from Texas.

  17. The Raiders are a global empire (global only because they move so much). The Raiders have billions of fans that would die for their team (but won’t go to the games). Idea time, have all these die-hard fans kick in five bucks to the Raiders and their impoverishment is solved, yes?

  18. “But Gruden spent some $55 million in 2018 money on other players, taking a big chunk out of the budget that otherwise would/could have gone to Mack. Quite possibly, Gruden decided in February to move on to other players, when a deal wasn’t quickly done with Mack.”

    Might be missing something but isn’t Reggie McKenzie the GM and Gruden the coach?

  19. mongo3401 says:
    August 13, 2018 at 1:30 pm
    Oakland’s D was pretty crappy last year WITH Mack. Won’t be much worse without him


    Really? You wait and see what happens when the 2-3 guys that team up on him are free to roam elsewhere. Yes, they can be much worse without him. Maybe try watching some game film and how many times he ENDED games by strip sacking the QB.

  20. dualprime says:
    August 13, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Why have contracts?


    THIS IS THE POST OF THE DAY…. Makes one wonder.

  21. Love the loser bills fans who want him yet their worthless franchise could have had him. So do you really think he wants to play for them?

  22. Mack is much more than just a pass rusher. One of the highest rated players against the run every season he’s played. Always double teamed so he frees up team mates. Could go on and on about what he brings to the table in addition to his tremendous pass rush.

  23. Don’t trade Mack for the unknown….lock him up for his prime years. A single player was the difference in Denver’s SB50 win….Mack could have that kind of impact.

  24. Centered00 says:
    August 13, 2018 at 5:32 pm
    dualprime says:
    August 13, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Why have contracts?


    THIS IS THE POST OF THE DAY…. Makes one wonder.

    Brilliant idea.

    Get paid per game?

  25. Khalil Mack still has three years left on his contract. If the Raiders trae him, it would be for a King’s ransom. This isn’t Kawhi Leonard, this is a high character guy who, to this point, wants to be back with the team, just as long as he gets paid.

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