Rumors swirl of Rams, Aaron Donald closing in on a deal

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From being in the same zip code/area code/ball park to having increased dialogue, the evidence has been mounting publicly that the Rams and defensive tackle Aaron Donald are closing in on a long-awaited contract extension.

Privately, the evidence of a looming consensus also is beginning to pile up.

Per a league source, chatter is increasing regarding the possibility of the Rams and Donald getting a deal done soon. If it happens, it will mean that the two sides found a way to bridge the gap between how the Rams value Donald, and how Donald values Donald.

Whatever it ends up being — if it ends up being — get ready for the possibility of good news for the Rams, and bad news for anyone who will be facing a defense that will feature Donald, Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib, and Marcus Peters.

26 responses to “Rumors swirl of Rams, Aaron Donald closing in on a deal

  1. Too many egos and too many ME players.
    Defense will not be that spectacular, snd in fact, will not get to the Super Bowl

  2. Good. Mack soon to follow. And then we can lay all of these fake rumors to bed about the Raiders being broke, Gruden hating Mack and the Raiders trading him.

  3. Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:

    August 13, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Too many egos and too many ME players.
    Defense will not be that spectacular, snd in fact, will not get to the Super Bowl


    You mean to many ME players like Marcus Peters who didn’t stand for the Anthem in Kansas City but was standing for the Anthem with the Rams?

    You mean ME players like Aqib Talib that said the coaching staff from McVay, Phillips, and the positional coaches that holds the players to the highest of accountability and it’s easy to fit into their culture?

    You mean ME players like Ndamukong Suh where in reports from Miami he didn’t really care about being around teammates and ate in his car; but with the Rams after practice staying out to continue working with the younger guys?

  4. Mack can’t get done because the Raiders can’t write a $80 Million check to guarantee the player’s funds, it’s simply not going to happen. I think he goes back to Buffalo for a home-town discount.

  5. Hey Tashan Harrison, don’t you just love all the haters on here?

    The Rams have a great team culture, a top 5 coaching staff, and a great mix of young and old players to get the job done. “Too many egos, the D is thin, 4–12 at best”…and these comments are coming from Bills and Saints fans.

    The Bills need all the help they can get, especially with “6-picks Peterman” vying for a starting job. And we crushed the Saints (in New Orleans) with our “no depth defense”. Maybe the Saints fans should worry about that paper thin secondary that allowed Diggs to be wide open in overtime 😂

    Go Rams!

  6. The Rams aren’t thin on DL or the secondary. LB might be a little suspect, but with those guys up front even an average LB corps will suffice.

  7. So everyone read the “no depth” commentary and are now all experts since they can’t hate on the starters, that d-line rotates and is chock full of depth, the secondary is also fine the Lb Corps is questionable for sure, Rams will win the division in dominating fashion n

  8. Donald will sign.

    Mack will sign shortly thereafter.

    Mack will sign a contract that will pay him handsomely, once they move to Vegas.

    Or, not.

    50/50 shot, with a 20% chance of that.

    We shall see.

  9. grumpysal says:
    August 13, 2018 at 12:35 pm
    Remember that time when a DT got QB money and lead his team to an undefeated season and SB blowout win? Yeah, me either.

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    Rememeber that time Von Miller led his team to a superbowl victory? Yeah me too.

  10. I am all for anybody making as much money as they can.

    Only a limited amount of cash available for each franchise. Demanding QB dollars leaves less money for backup players which are badly needed.

    NFL Football has been called the ultimate team sport, can’t have a team where one or two are getting all the money.

  11. bengalbowl says:
    August 13, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Rememeber that time Von Miller led his team to a superbowl victory? Yeah me too.

    Von Miller had quite a bit of help… try again.

  12. “Von Miller had quite a bit of help… try again.”

    And now Donald has some help too. All those trades the Rams made that you guys hated so much.

  13. “Defense will not be that spectacular, snd in fact, will not get to the Super Bowl”

    Playing the percentages, are we? Only two of 32 teams make it to the Super Bowl.

    All I know is the Rams have a better chance with Donald in the fold than they do without him.

  14. What’s funny and proves that some on here just like to hate and complain about stuff for no reason? Weeks ago nearly all the comments would have been “the Rams are dumb for not paying Aaron Donald” “that man deserves to be paid, he’s the best player on that team”. Now that it’s seemingly that they are closing in on a deal the comments now are “the Rams would be dumb to pay him too much” “not one defensive player is good enough to be paid so much.”

  15. There are a lot of haters here. As a Vikings fan, I think the Rams, Eagles, and Vikngs are the teams to beat in the NFC. That being said, I think the Rams have the biggest concerns. I say that simply because they brought in a lot of new guys with big personalities and we can’t just assume they all mesh. They also run a 3-4 defense and signed Suh to play Donald’s position. You can’t just assume he will work at DE. He could, and it could be epic, or it may not work well at all. Either way, if you pay Donald, you have to worry about the cap going forward.

  16. If Aaron Donald continues to play the way he has he deserves to be the highest paid person at his position. If these stars they have on defense stay healthy and Goff and Gurley improve in only their 3rd & 4th year pro respectively, the Rams will be a very good team this year.

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