Saquon Barkley tweaks leg, Pat Shurmur thinks he’s OK


Giants running back Saquon Barkley showed off his knack for making big plays in Monday’s practice, but the team got a scare in the process.

Barkley reeled in a long Kyle Lauletta pass down the sideline with his fingertips before going to get checked out by members of the team’s medical staff. Barkley had a wrap and ice pack put on his left leg for a short time, but it was off by the time he and the rest of the team walked off the field.

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said he didn’t see what happened to Barkley, but that he thinks all is well.

“Think he’s all right, we’ll find out,” Shurmur said, via Art Stapleton of

The Giants are headed to Detroit for Tuesday’s start to joint practices with the Lions. If there’s any doubt about Barkley being 100 percent, he’ll likely be limited for those sessions.

11 responses to “Saquon Barkley tweaks leg, Pat Shurmur thinks he’s OK

  1. He was my first round pick in fantasy football. My other RB is Dalvin Cook and my QB is DeShaun Watson, so yeah, there better be a good medical staff on the Fort Myers Foreclosures.

  2. erinrodgersreachednirvana says:
    August 13, 2018 at 1:47 pm
    32m ago
    No one cares about your fantasy football team.

    Actually that’s the only reason most people still watch the NFL

    Good point. My fandom is waning. I haven’t played fantasy since 2014, so I’m hoping this year revives it.

    If I do leave fandom behind, it’ll be nice to have my Sundays back.

  3. Slow Joe (Bucs fan) – 1st No one here cares about your fantasy team. 2nd If your in a league that drafts before the 3rd preseason game at the earliest well you really shouldn’t care about your league and should find a good one. 3rd and most improtant is hopefully Barkley is ok. With Guice already down for the skins it would be horrible for football in general to see another seemingly exciting player go down.

    Erinrodgersreachednirvana – Reading comprehension is not your friend apparently. No one said people don’t care about fantasy football just that no one cares about slow Joes team. Simple rule: if someone isn’t in a league with you they don’t care about your team or are you now saying you spend Sundays watching football cause you have a rooting interest in slow joes fantasy team? I didn’t think so but hey censors haven’t let this post thru so it’s not like you’ll see this.

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