Suspension likely voids Jalen Ramsey’s guarantees

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At a time when the eighth overall pick in the 2018 draft remains unsigned due to the issue of voided guarantees, the fifth overall pick in the 2016 draft likely has had his remaining guarantees voided.

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, suspended for a week by the team, most likely has seen the financial protections for 2018 and 2019 evaporate by virtue of the punishment. (It’s possible, but not likely, that Ramsey secured the removal of language voiding the guarantee for a team-imposed suspension.)

Ramsey, who signed a four-year, $23.5 million deal, has a salary of $2.572 million in 2018 and a salary of $3.634 million in 2019. Because the Jaguars typically remove offset language from top-10 rookie contracts (Jacksonville and the Rams are the only teams who do that), the ability to escape future guarantees has a bit more relevance than it otherwise would.

Of course, the chances of the Jaguars actually dumping Ramsey reside somewhere between slim and none; he’s already one of the best cornerbacks in the game, after only two NFL seasons. Indeed, before they’d cut him, the Jaguars would be able to trade him for something much more than a conditional seventh-round pick.

Still, the situation shows the value of the haggling in which Bears linebacker Roquan Smith currently is engaged. If Ramsey had been a bust, the Jaguars would now have a way to easily save more than $6 million.

UPDATE 10:40 a.m. ET: Per a league source, the Jaguars have informed Ramsey that his guarantees will not be voided based upon his suspension. Again, it’s not as if they were going to cut him.

12 responses to “Suspension likely voids Jalen Ramsey’s guarantees

  1. Wouldnt they have to do this now to void those guarauntees? Like if he comes back & continues to play they can’t be like, “oh remember that time we suspended you? yeah we’re voiding your contract.”

    Doesn’t seem like they can do that.

  2. The problem with this voiding is the CBA was negotiated, and then teams are sticking in extra clauses on their own.
    They rather than a neutral party decided to suspend Ramsey.
    What to prevent any team from suspending a draft pick who isn’t working out, so that they can cut him and not live up to the CBA.

    This is an abuse and needs to stop.
    It was a negotiated part of the CBA, you can’t have one side not have to live up to what it agreed to.
    And I think there are already clauses that void guarantees if a player gets suspended for something major like PEDs, beating up women, etc.

    No way Roquan Smith should give into the Bears.

  3. Another example of sneaky-owner tricks. Are we to believe these same clever rascals can’t figure out: what’s a catch; what’s a legal tackle; what’s legal forward movement for an offensive player; stand or don’t for a pregame song? Really?

    Or have they gone all WWE on the viewing public’s collective arse, adding a staged narrative to everything they do?

  4. Much ado about nothing. The Jags aren’t getting rid of him because he’s too good. Now, if he were a marginal player that would be another story.

  5. The owners will start suspending anyone they don’t trust by this simple method, the players contracts are at stake here too.

  6. Why is it so difficult for men to behave properly. You know right from wrong. I’m not here to question his intelligence, it’s more cultural. Certain people will kill someone if they feel they have been “disrespected”…instead of just turning the other cheek and not going to jail for life. Now, that is f’d up…

  7. Based on Ramsey’s tweets…I’m not sure he’d understand the language in his contract anyways.
    (Here’s a hint Jalen…your contract is written in English)

  8. He may be one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but he pretty much disappeared in the AFC championship game last year, despite his public bravado before the game.

  9. Jacksonville coaches what are you thinking? Giving these two the week off from training camp is like a vacation for them!

  10. harryshavik says:
    August 13, 2018 at 10:24 am
    Another example of sneaky-owner tricks. Are we to believe these same clever rascals…….

    And thats the root of the issue. The NFL lawyers are clever rascals and the NFLPA’s are not.

  11. It will all be recouped when he plays hardball on the next contract negotiation. He has all the leverage so long as he plays on an all pro level.

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